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Frequently Asked Questions - Other (cheating, updater...)

Q: Can I have more than 1 team?

NO! It is forbidden to create more than one team. 1 person, 1 team, and that's the rule. If you are caught loging into more than one team, you can be considered a cheater!

Q: I'm already playing the game. Can my brother(sister, ...) join from the same computer?

A: Well, yes he/she can, BUT, you have to report this to our technical support before you create the second club! And on top of that, you have to be careful about a couple of special rules:
1. There must be absolutely no trading between your teams (that means buying/selling and loaning the players!). Remember, if you trade players between teams sharing the same IP number (and you do share the same IP number if playing on the same computer), the access to all the teams involved will be blocked and the managers considered the cheaters!
2. You cannot help each other by any special means (including but not limited to losing the games on purpose in order to improve the other team's rating or table position)! You must play like all the other managers that doesn't know themselves in real life.

Q: There are a few of us, managers playing in the same office, school, etc... can we trade players?

A: Well, I would advise against it. And why? Simply because if you guys/gals are playing on the same network, you will (or are already) use the same IP and will be blocked and marked as cheaters. So, it's best not to trade players with managers that are logging in from the same computer/network/building...

Q: Why can't I trade with my friend (even if we would do it in such a way that the trade couldn't be considered as cheating)?

A: First of all, fair has a very broad meaning in Dugout. For example. If we let people trade players on same IP, I would be able to create 5 clubs from my home computer, report them as my brothers' and sisters' clubs and then trade their best (or at least good) players for a "fair" price (a bit under estimated value). But would that be fair when the best players are usually going for 2 times (or even more) their value? And to continue on that note... If you trade with your friend, he will usually give you better price then he would give some unknown manager right? So this is, again, not exactly fair towards all the others is it? It's simple. There are thousands of clubs available for you to trade with, so try to stay away from doing business with your friends as you guys are bound to step on the mine (read will share IP address) somewhere along the line.