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16th League round
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15th League round
Saturday at 08:00A-League...
16th League round
Saturday at 08:00

Important games this round:
 CIKAR vs. Redtails FC
 FC SPIDERS Sydney vs. Procrastinators FC
 Redlands UTD vs. FC Anderson Park North Sydney
 Croweater FC vs. Bacon Boys FC

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Bacon Boys FC (53 points), 2nd - FC SPIDERS Sydney (51 points), 3rd - FC Anderson Park North Sydney (47 points), 4th - CIKAR (41 points)
Promoted this season: Welshpool Athletic, Procrastinators FC, Newcastle Lions
1  FC SPIDERS Sydney37
2  FC Anderson Park North Sydney37
3  Bacon Boys FC30
4  Redtails FC28
5  CIKAR26
6  baldwin 323
7  Croweater FC21
8  Procrastinators FC21
9  Adelaide Football Club18
10  Redlands UTD15
11  Newcastle Lions1
12  Welshpool Athletic1
JapanJ League

Important games this round:
 丸男 vs. Albirex Niigata
 FC Kawasaki Tokyo vs. Aira FC

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Aira FC (56 points), 2nd - Matsumoto Yamaga FC (55 points), 3rd - FC Kawasaki Tokyo (54 points), 4th - Albirex Niigata (52 points), 5th - 丸男 (47 points)
Promoted this season: 野球の方が好き, サンフレッチェ広島, Gosto de Pitaya FC
1  丸男41
2  Matsumoto Yamaga FC38
3  Aira FC33
4  Albirex Niigata33
5  FC Kawasaki Tokyo32
6  野球の方が好き26
7  Gosto de Pitaya FC21
8  Sapporo United13
10  Tokyo FC7
11  サンフレッチェ広島7
12  Consadole Sapporo0
New ZealandPremiership

Important games this round:
 Waterside Karori AFC vs. Wellington Phoenix

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Wellington Phoenix (59 points), 2nd - Blue Pixies (56 points), 3rd - Waitakere United (53 points), 4th - Just Vale II (51 points)
Promoted this season: Rotorua FC, Forest Rangers, All Ducks
1  Wellington Phoenix39
2  Blue Pixies39
3  Waterside Karori AFC38
4  Just Vale II32
5  Waitakere United31
6  orewa saints20
7  Liverpool Football Club19
8  Rotorua FC12
9  Forest Rangers11
11  North Wellington Blues6
12  All Ducks2
South KoreaK-League

Important games this round:
 Swans FC vs. YooSin 태권도
 GO9MA vs. Andong Mackerels

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Andong Mackerels (61 points), 2nd - fc olleh (57 points), 3rd - YooSin 태권도 (53 points), 4th - Swans FC (48 points)
Promoted this season: mercykawai, Seoul Puffskeins, S.iron
1  YooSin 태권도42
2  미드필더 훈련 센터37
3  fc olleh34
4  Andong Mackerels33
5  Yeongjongdo Island29
6  Swans FC26
7  GO9MA22
8  서울특별시12
9  SMDM10
10  mercykawai10
11  S.iron6
12  Seoul Puffskeins1

Saturday at 10:00
BangladeshBangladesh Premier League

Important games this round:
 Beanibazar SC vs. Dhaka Abahani Limited

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Dhaka Abahani Limited (62 points), 2nd - Beanibazar SC (60 points), 3rd - FF Academy (56 points)
1  FF Academy41
2  Beanibazar SC40
3  Dhaka Abahani Limited40
4  Rajshahi30
5  Abahani Chittagong28
6  Ruáingga FC24
7  Mohammedan SC Dhaka21
8  Dhaka City FC19
9  FC Uttara15
10  Mall FC2
11  এক চ্যাম্প2
12  Sangsad KS2
ChinaPremier Division

Important games this round:
 xiaotian-inter vs. Yanbian FC
 Sydney Warriors vs. baobeiqiqi

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - baobeiqiqi (58 points), 2nd - lanxingxing (54 points), 3rd - Sydney Warriors (53 points), 4th - Yanbian FC (52 points), 5th - xiaotian-inter (46 points)
Promoted this season: Guangzhou Club, 乱舞三国, Arsenal Football Club
1  Sydney Warriors43
2  baobeiqiqi38
3  Yanbian FC35
4  lanxingxing34
5  xiaotian-inter33
6  Tongzhou Lions27
7  AtlasV22
8  Song10
9  无敌绿城10
10  乱舞三国8
11  Guangzhou Club2
12  Arsenal Football Club1
IndiaSuper League
Minerva Punjab's too defensive tactics cost them the game last Saturday. North Bengal FC were excellent at the start, scoring in the eighth minute. While Minerva Punjab's players did their best to get back in the game, it took them until the 73rd minute to get the equaliser in - the game ended with a 1-1 draw. The one point wasn't enough for Minerva Punjab to remain second.

Important games this round:
 Chennai City vs. FC Pune City
 Bengaluru vs. Churchill Brothers

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Minerva Punjab (54 points), 2nd - FC Pune City (50 points), 3rd - Churchill Brothers (48 points), 4th - Rangdajied UFC (47 points), 5th - Chennai City (45 points), 6th - Bengaluru (41 points)
1  Rangdajied UFC39
2  Churchill Brothers35
3  Minerva Punjab34
4  Chennai City31
5  FC Pune City28
6  Bengaluru 25
7  North Bengal FC22
8  Aurangabad F.C.21
9  The Wizards13
10  Ravshan Kulob7
11  Delta Warrior FC5
12  Liverpool FC0
ThailandThai 1

Important games this round:
 Atilico de nezzuri vs. Area6ten9okini.
 Tak Tigers vs. Deportivo Dekara
 Bangkok Glass Football Club vs. Nongneng

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Atilico de nezzuri (50 points), 2nd - Area6ten9okini. (50 points), 3rd - Deportivo Dekara (49 points), 4th - Uttaradit Blades (45 points), 5th - Nongneng (42 points)
Promoted this season: BEC TS FC, LostLand, Gunner_Jr
1  Deportivo Dekara40
2  Bangkok Glass Football Club38
3  Nongneng31
4  Tak Tigers30
5  Atilico de nezzuri30
6  Area6ten9okini.29
7  Uttaradit Blades25
8  Donmuang United16
9  Bangkok United12
10  BEC TS FC9
11  Gunner_Jr3
12  LostLand0

Saturday at 12:00
IsraelLigat HaAl

Important games this round:

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - FCNetanya (63 points), 2nd - ® Legionnaires © (55 points), 3rd - Maccabi Haifa Football Club (54 points), 4th - Rahat Starlings (52 points), 5th - Maccabistim (45 points)
Promoted this season: Hutnik, The Gold Boys, ClubRyan
1  ® Legionnaires ©45
2  Maccabi Haifa Football Club39
3  Rahat Starlings39
4  Maccabistim33
5  FCNetanya28
6  Haifa United19
7  Hutnik17
8  N.L.O Netanya15
9  The Gold Boys12
10  Beitar Talmor9
11  ClubRyan7
12  FC Ashdod3
Malta1st Division
Cittá Beland had a rather unfortunate fifteenth round game. Though, with many of their players in poor form, it was to be expected - Birkirkara F.C. won the game with 1-3. Since they lost the game, Cittá Beland also lost the first place on the table.

Important games this round:

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Cittá Beland (64 points), 2nd - Birkirkara F.C. (58 points), 3rd - Xagħra United (57 points)
1  Xagħra United40
2  Cittá Beland40
3  Birkirkara F.C.39
4  11 Angry Goats29
5  Mannac F.c.26
6  adolfia23
7  Malta Blacks Shadows21
8  Ħamrun Spartans19
9  Freeloaders12
10  Hamrun FC5
11  Senglea Defenders3
12  Panathinaikos Valletta2
MoldovaDivizia Nationala
As expected, the game between Dacians White Wolves and Lynxes F.C. was an interesting one. Unfortunately for Lynxes F.C., they were the ones to lose. This means they are now six points behind Dacians White Wolves and just a point in front of FC Sheriff Tiraspol.

Important games this round:
 CF Dunărea Brăila vs. Lynxes F.C.
 Moldavian Stars vs. FC Hermannstadt

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Dacians White Wolves (62 points), 2nd - Lynxes F.C. (49 points), 3rd - Heidelberger RK (48 points), 4th - FC Sheriff Tiraspol (48 points), 5th - Moldavian Stars (43 points)
Promoted this season: Devils F.C., C.S. Pisculesti, CSF Nisporeni
1  Dacians White Wolves40
2  Lynxes F.C.34
3  FC Sheriff Tiraspol33
4  Moldavian Stars32
5  FC Hermannstadt30
6  FC Paduricea25
7  Heidelberger RK24
8  CF Dunărea Brăila 17
9  CFNorthampton12
10  CSF Nisporeni9
11  Devils F.C.6
12  C.S. Pisculesti0
RomaniaDivizia A
East Strike had a good fifteenth round match. They played against Podgoria Murfatlar. And while they played at home, we still didn't expect them to get a positive result. While they didn't win, they did get a point out of the game everyone expected them to lose. Unfortunately for Podgoria Murfatlar, the one point wasn't enough for them to remain first.

Important games this round:
  FC BARCELONA vs. Soimii I.P.A. Sibiu
 Podgoria Murfatlar vs. Chelsea-rulesss
 FC 23 Mai Onesti vs. Abatorul Slobozia
 F.C.PRETOR vs. East Strike
 VITEZISTII4S™ vs. Navigator
 FC Dinamo București. vs. Apulum

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Abatorul Slobozia (44 points), 2nd - VITEZISTII4S™ (42 points), 3rd - Podgoria Murfatlar (39 points), 4th - Navigator (39 points), 5th - FC 23 Mai Onesti (37 points)
Promoted this season: Apulum, Chelsea-rulesss, F.C.PRETOR
2  FC 23 Mai Onesti28
3  Podgoria Murfatlar28
4  Abatorul Slobozia27
6  Soimii I.P.A. Sibiu20
7  Apulum19
8  FC Dinamo București.19
9  Navigator18
10  Chelsea-rulesss16
12  East Strike13
RussiaPremier League

Important games this round:
 Aris Thessalonikis vs. FC Rotor Volgograd

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Aris Thessalonikis (61 points), 2nd - FC Rotor Volgograd (57 points), 3rd - Torpedo Vladimir (55 points), 4th - Novorossiysk (52 points)
Promoted this season: FC YM, Russtart, FC ZOG
1  Aris Thessalonikis 42
2  Novorossiysk39
3  FC Rotor Volgograd39
4  Torpedo Vladimir39
5  FC YM25
6  saint petersbourg22
7  Green Red Kazan17
8  Moscow Eagles12
9  Russtart10
10  Rebellious United9
11  FC ZOG6
12  FC YM4

Saturday at 14:00
EnglandEnglish Premiership

Important games this round:
 Ooza Looza vs. Blyth-OK
 Beringen United Mightyred vs. Rougemont Rovers
 Gravediggers vs. crystal palace f.c
 The Red Devils Stars vs. Albion Allstars
 Chester Ducks vs. Heeley Harriers
 Edd's Phantoms FC vs. Bristol Fury

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Gravediggers (47 points), 2nd - Rougemont Rovers (45 points), 3rd - Beringen United Mightyred (41 points), 4th - Ooza Looza (37 points)
Promoted this season: Chester Ducks, Blyth-OK, Heeley Harriers
1  Gravediggers32
2  Blyth-OK32
3  Beringen United Mightyred28
4  Albion Allstars 24
5  crystal palace f.c24
6  Chester Ducks24
7  Edd's Phantoms FC19
8  Bristol Fury18
9  The Red Devils Stars15
10  Ooza Looza14
11  Heeley Harriers13
12  Rougemont Rovers11
The top two drawing their fifteenth round game (mainly due to the excellent Sveinn Andersson) was the best result Vestmannaeyjar could have hoped for - all three teams have the same number of points now.

Important games this round:

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Oldboys United (59 points), 2nd - Junkers United (54 points), 3rd - Vikingur (52 points), 4th - Vestmannaeyjar (52 points), 5th - Football club Valur (47 points)
Promoted this season: Newton Heath, Soccer Champions, Skytturnar
1  Oldboys United37
2  Vestmannaeyjar37
3  Junkers United37
4  Vikingur35
5  Football club Valur34
6  Nothing Hill25
7  Kick & Run16
8  Newton Heath12
9  KF Kalmannsvík9
10  Skytturnar8
11  Soccer Champions6
12  Kangaroo Island4
IrelandPremier Division
The top two didn't have a good fifteenth round. Irish Villa Mob drew 1-1 against Red Army. However, since Hibernia outright lost (their home game against Knockea United ended with 0-1), Irish Villa Mob actually extended their lead.

Important games this round:
 Irish Villa Mob vs. Hibernia
 Irish Knights vs. Leinster Lions
 Knockea United vs. dubs4sam
 Killarney Ravens FC vs. Red Army
 Cork City FC vs. SportingHaroldsCross
 Cowdenbeath AFC vs. fast n fit

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Hibernia (48 points), 2nd - Irish Villa Mob (48 points), 3rd - fast n fit (41 points), 4th - Leinster Lions (39 points), 5th - Red Army (38 points)
Promoted this season: Killarney Ravens FC, dubs4sam, Cowdenbeath AFC
1  Irish Villa Mob32
2  Hibernia 28
3  Leinster Lions26
4  Irish Knights23
5  Cork City FC22
6  dubs4sam21
7  fast n fit20
8  Killarney Ravens FC19
9  Red Army16
10  Knockea United15
11  SportingHaroldsCross15
12  Cowdenbeath AFC9
ScotlandPremier League
Huntly FC managed to get a point out of their game against Dundonald Bluebell. Since Kirn FC and Fife Funk FC both won (4-2 and 0-4 respectively), the top three area ll within 3 points of each-other.

Important games this round:
 Dundonald Bluebell vs. Hibernian F.C.
 Kirn FC vs. Huntly FC
 Fife Funk FC vs. Celtic
 Wallace Army F.C vs. FC Drobeta

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Kirn FC (51 points), 2nd - Wallace Army F.C (47 points), 3rd - Dundonald Bluebell (47 points), 4th - Huntly FC (44 points), 5th - Fife Funk FC (44 points), 6th - Bingolspor FC (40 points)
Promoted this season: FC Drobeta, Stirling Bridge, Dunfermline FC
1  Dundonald Bluebell40
2  Kirn FC38
3  Fife Funk FC37
4  Huntly FC28
5  Wallace Army F.C23
6  Bingolspor FC21
7  Hibernian F.C.21
8  Celtic 19
9  Macduff Lions19
10  FC Drobeta15
11  Stirling Bridge3
12  Dunfermline FC0
All the teams, except those in the relegation zone, changed places after the fifteenth round. Even though they've kept their places, the relegation zone teams actually didn't do badly in the fifteenth round (two of them won and only one lost). FC Kordun won (2-1) against Belgrade City (Belgrade City lost the first place as a result), and FK Hajduk Sydney 06' won (1-2) against Anunnaki (while FK Hajduk Sydney 06' win isn't as prestigious, a win is a win). Mocni Veprovi are back at the top (they were third after last round). While they won (4-1), and Belgrade City lost, for them to move up to the top, FC Lazies needed to do badly as well - FC Lazies lost (2-0) against Мариборска.

Important games this round:
 Arsenal RK vs. Vozdovac
 FK Hajduk Sydney 06' vs. Мариборска
 FK Radnik Bijeljina vs. Mocni Veprovi
 F.C. Fakirs vs. FC Lazies
 FC Kordun vs. Kasovac Maratonci
 Belgrade City vs. Anunnaki

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - FC Kordun (46 points), 2nd - Belgrade City (38 points), 3rd - FK Radnik Bijeljina (38 points), 4th - Kasovac Maratonci (36 points), 5th - FK Hajduk Sydney 06' (29 points), 6th - F.C. Fakirs (29 points), 7th - Arsenal RK (29 points)
Promoted this season: Anunnaki, Vozdovac, FC Lazies
1  Mocni Veprovi31
2  Belgrade City30
3  FC Lazies29
4  Мариборска24
5  F.C. Fakirs24
6  Arsenal RK23
7  FK Radnik Bijeljina19
8  Kasovac Maratonci19
9  Anunnaki19
10  FK Hajduk Sydney 06'18
11  FC Kordun15
12  Vozdovac3

Saturday at 16:00
Only one fifteenth round match ended without a goal being scored - the game between NO MA´AM and BLλCK MESA. But, since Olimpija FC are so far in front, and since NO MA´AM also have a nice lead in front of the third, the draw really wasn't a problem for NO MA´AM. Even though the (away) draw was a pretty good result for BLλCK MESA, they did lose a place on the table.

Important games this round:
 Olimpija FC vs. Wolfsberger
 Kapfenberg SV vs. FC Klagenfurt
 FC Athletic Adria vs. NO MA´AM
 SV Austria 1933 vs. Maribor FC

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - NO MA´AM (56 points), 2nd - Olimpija FC (54 points), 3rd - Kapfenberg SV (54 points)
Promoted this season: FC Athletic Adria, TRABZONSP0R, FC Vienna 1894
1  Olimpija FC45
2  NO MA´AM32
3  Maribor FC26
4  Wolfsberger25
5  Kapfenberg SV23
7  FC Klagenfurt23
8  FC Athletic Adria18
10  B.F.C. 1909 Klagenfurt13
11  SV Austria 193312
12  FC Vienna 18940
Bosnia and HerzegovinaPremier Liga BiH
Two consecutive draws were enough for PARTIZAN FK to lose the first place on the table. Their fifteenth round 2-2 draw was away, against FC Peacocks almighty.

Important games this round:
 F.C. Imperial vs. Plavi
 BH Dragons vs. NK Centar 2
 FK Sloboda Tuzla vs. FK Tuzla United
 Horde zla United vs. FC Peacocks almighty
 PARTIZAN FK vs. FK Baščaršija
 FK Sarajevo 1946 vs. FK Ljiljan

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - PARTIZAN FK (46 points), 2nd - FK Ljiljan (40 points), 3rd - FC Peacocks almighty (38 points), 4th - Horde zla United (33 points), 5th - BH Dragons (32 points), 6th - FK Sarajevo 1946 (32 points)
Promoted this season: Plavi, FK Sloboda Tuzla, FK Baščaršija
1  FK Ljiljan35
3   NK Centar 227
4  BH Dragons26
5  FK Sarajevo 194625
6  FC Peacocks almighty22
7  Horde zla United20
8  FK Sloboda Tuzla19
9  FK Tuzla United16
10  Plavi14
11  F.C. Imperial7
12  FK Baščaršija6
BulgariaA Grupa
Kazanlŭk Thracians FC's overly defensive tactics paid off, and they managed to win the fifteenth round game against Val United. The win brought Kazanlŭk Thracians FC back into the fight for the lead (though they remain fourth), and the loss dropped Val United two places down the table.

Important games this round:
 CSKA Sofia vs. Vereya F.C.

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Val United (64 points), 2nd - Lazio_1900 (54 points), 3rd - CSKA Sofia (51 points), 4th - Kazanlŭk Thracians FC (50 points), 5th - Vereya F.C. (47 points)
Promoted this season: The Hydrophobic Crucifiers, Dunav Ruse, Dugout United
1  Lazio_190039
2  CSKA Sofia38
3  Val United36
4  Kazanlŭk Thracians FC35
5  Vereya F.C.31
7  The Hydrophobic Crucifiers14
8  AFC Villa Brussen13
9  Yellow Wolves10
10  Neftochimik Burgas8
11  Dunav Ruse8
12  Dugout United5
HungaryNemzeti Bajnokság

Important games this round:
 Paksi Sportegyesület vs. Szeged
 Hunyadi János vs. MINIONS
 ФК Динамо vs. Football club Pécs

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Szeged (61 points), 2nd - Hunyadi János (54 points), 3rd - Paksi Sportegyesület (53 points), 4th - Football club Pécs (52 points)
Promoted this season: VLS Veszprém, MINIONS, Pannonia Football Academy
1  Hunyadi János45
2  Szeged42
3  FTC Isti32
4  ФК Динамо 31
5  Football club Pécs29
6  Paksi Sportegyesület27
7  Bajai SE25
9  Gulya FC9
10  Betyar FC6
11  Pannonia Football Academy3
12  VLS Veszprém0
Rep. of MontenegroPrva liga
San Stefano FC lost most of their lead after the fifteenth round matches. The draw (their game against AC Neophyte ended without a goal being scored) was just enough for them to remain first. However, another such game, and it's likely they will lose the first place.

Important games this round:
 Grobari Berane vs. FC Mornar Bar
 S.V. Werder Bremen vs. San Stefano FC
 Shamrock Rovers vs. Partizan Bu2
 Returnees vs. AC Neophyte
 Paladin vs. Club Atlético de Madrid S.A.D.
 Yellow Pillow vs. Nottingham Forest FC

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Paladin (52 points), 2nd - San Stefano FC (39 points), 3rd - AC Neophyte (39 points), 4th - Nottingham Forest FC (39 points), 5th - S.V. Werder Bremen (38 points), 6th - Returnees (37 points), 7th - Partizan Bu2 (31 points), 8th - Grobari Berane (29 points)
Promoted this season: Yellow Pillow, Club Atlético de Madrid S.A.D., FC Mornar Bar
1  San Stefano FC28
2  Paladin27
3  Nottingham Forest FC25
4  Club Atlético de Madrid S.A.D.24
5  S.V. Werder Bremen20
6  Partizan Bu220
7  Grobari Berane19
8  Returnees19
9  Yellow Pillow18
10  Shamrock Rovers18
11  AC Neophyte15
12  FC Mornar Bar15
SloveniaPrva SNL
Borussia Dortmund had a rather lucky draw in the fifteenth round. They played at Camp Nou against Futbol Club Barça. The home team were better in most areas of the game. Lucky for Borussia Dortmund, scoring wasn't one of them - the game ended in a goalless draw. The one point was just enough for Borussia Dortmund to remain first, but it wasn't enough for Futbol Club Barça to remain third.

Important games this round:
 SD SVIZEC vs. NK Hajdoše
 Grosuplje FC vs. Dugout-online Club Koper
 Neverwalkalone vs. Futbol Club Barça
 Grosuplje Dreamteam vs. FC Soccer Academy Red Bull
 Borussia Dortmund vs. Football Heat
 Inter Miami CF vs. F.C.Barcelona.

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - F.C.Barcelona. (41 points), 2nd - Inter Miami CF (39 points), 3rd - Dugout-online Club Koper (38 points), 4th - Borussia Dortmund (36 points), 5th - Grosuplje Dreamteam (35 points), 6th - Futbol Club Barça (32 points), 7th - Neverwalkalone (29 points)
Promoted this season: Football Heat , NK Hajdoše, SD SVIZEC
1  Borussia Dortmund 29
2  Dugout-online Club Koper28
3  Football Heat 26
4  Futbol Club Barça26
5  F.C.Barcelona.23
6  Grosuplje FC22
7  Neverwalkalone20
9  Inter Miami CF19
10  Grosuplje Dreamteam18
11  FC Soccer Academy Red Bull 12
12  NK Hajdoše5

Saturday at 18:00
BelgiumEerste Klasse

Important games this round:
 Fc Bijou vs. EA SERREKES
 FC Goldstar vs. Merchtem2016
 CA Boca Juniors vs. Club Internationale
 kfc de preistampers vs. De Toerizten
 AS Beveren vs. hammertime
 THE VILLABOYS vs. SV Swaffelternineffe

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - EA SERREKES (43 points), 2nd - kfc de preistampers (43 points), 3rd - hammertime (38 points), 4th - FC Goldstar (37 points), 5th - Fc Bijou (36 points), 6th - Club Internationale (35 points)
Promoted this season: CA Boca Juniors, De Toerizten, SV Swaffelternineffe
2  Club Internationale32
3  FC Goldstar29
4  kfc de preistampers25
5  Merchtem201623
6  hammertime22
8  Fc Bijou16
9  De Toerizten15
10  AS Beveren15
11  CA Boca Juniors12
12  SV Swaffelternineffe6

Important games this round:
 Futebol Clube do Porto vs. Sport Machados da Surriba
 Desidrogenase Alcoólica vs. Galacticos C.P.
 LuckyStar vs. Sumolix Stars
 ITAngola vs. Tiky Wiky
 FC Saense vs. Castendo Futebol Clube

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Sumolix Stars (43 points), 2nd - FC Saense (39 points), 3rd - Tiky Wiky (36 points), 4th - Futebol Clube do Porto (33 points), 5th - Galacticos C.P. (31 points), 6th - Sport Machados da Surriba (31 points), 7th - Lusitanos F.C. (29 points)
Promoted this season: ITAngola, S. C. Pena d´Alva, Castendo Futebol Clube
1  Sumolix Stars38
2  Galacticos C.P.31
3  Futebol Clube do Porto25
4  Sport Machados da Surriba23
5  Desidrogenase Alcoólica23
6  S. C. Pena d´Alva21
7  Castendo Futebol Clube20
8  LuckyStar17
9  ITAngola16
10  FC Saense16
11  Tiky Wiky15
12  Lusitanos F.C.5
The top two drew their fifteenth round game. In theory, this should have given the rest of the league a chance to catch up - in reality, the two have a huge lead in front of the third (which changed again), and while the lead went down, it went down by just a point (from ten to nine points).

Important games this round:
 Slovenia Dreamteam vs. Eneby BK
 Gnuville BK vs. Bałtyk Gdynia
 Norrlandsfotboll FC vs. Rutger Boll Klubb
 SuperIbra vs. Bosna Hercegovina Sport Klubb
 ÖFK vs. IFK Hägersten

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Norrlandsfotboll FC (58 points), 2nd - Slovenia Dreamteam (56 points)
Promoted this season: Wardens of the North, IFK Hägersten, Eneby BK
1  Norrlandsfotboll FC37
2  Swedish Academy37
3  ÖFK28
4  Bałtyk Gdynia27
5  Rutger Boll Klubb26
6  Slovenia Dreamteam25
7  SuperIbra22
8  Eneby BK18
9  IFK Hägersten14
10  Gnuville BK11
11  Bosna Hercegovina Sport Klubb 6
12  Wardens of the North0
SwitzerlandSuper league

Important games this round:
 HyperVibes vs. Fc Black Panther
 fc walhalla vs. fc schönspieler
 The steelheads vs. FC Albisrieden
 NK Bugojno vs. FC KOFA
 Fussballclub Zürich vs. Terror City United
 Tidal Mariners vs. RCD Espanyol Zürich 20

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - The steelheads (55 points), 2nd - FC Albisrieden (46 points), 3rd - fc schönspieler (43 points), 4th - FC KOFA (41 points), 5th - Fc Black Panther (41 points), 6th - HyperVibes (37 points)
Promoted this season: Terror City United, Tidal Mariners, RCD Espanyol Zürich 20
1  The steelheads36
2  FC KOFA30
3  fc schönspieler29
4  Fc Black Panther28
5  FC Albisrieden27
6  HyperVibes23
7  NK Bugojno20
8  Terror City United18
9  Fussballclub Zürich17
10  fc walhalla13
11  Tidal Mariners10
12  RCD Espanyol Zürich 202

Saturday at 20:00
AlgeriaPremiere division
We had six close games in the fifteenth round, three of which ended with a draw, and each of the top three played in one of those. RC Kouba drew 0-0 against USM Alger. USM.GAZA's draw against Ouchène Irougueln also ended with 0-0 (the difference was, that they played at home, while RC Kouba played away). Mouloudia Club Oran's fifteenth round match was against ALPAVASTUNE, and their game ended with 1-1.

Important games this round:
 MPAlger vs. O.Marseille
 Banu Zayan FC vs. Kahla & Hamra
 The Black Pearl vs. USM Alger
 Ouchène Irougueln vs. Mouloudia Club Oran

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - RC Kouba (49 points), 2nd - Banu Zayan FC (42 points), 3rd - USM.GAZA (41 points), 4th - Kahla & Hamra (38 points), 5th - Ouchène Irougueln (36 points), 6th - USM Alger (32 points)
Promoted this season: The Black Pearl, MPAlger, EL KSEUR STARS FC
1  RC Kouba29
3  Mouloudia Club Oran25
4  The Black Pearl21
5  USM Alger21
7  O.Marseille 20
8  Banu Zayan FC19
10  Kahla & Hamra17
11  Ouchène Irougueln16
12  MPAlger9
BoliviaAsociacion Boliviana de Futbol
Club Atlético Ciclón had a great fifteenth round game against Nomads F.C.. While Nomads F.C. remain first (they have a much better goal difference), they are now even with Royal Pari.

Important games this round:
 Nomads F.C. vs. Club Bolívar
 Juan Carlo Balón vs. Club Atlético Ciclón

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Club Atlético Ciclón (60 points), 2nd - Blooming (55 points), 3rd - Club Bolívar (54 points), 4th - Nomads F.C. (50 points), 5th - Royal Pari (48 points)
Promoted this season: c2h5ohhh, CD Jorge Wilstermann, kerkenez
1  Nomads F.C.39
2  Royal Pari39
3  Club Atlético Ciclón36
4  Club Bolívar36
5  Blooming33
6  Juan Carlo Balón 27
7  CD Jorge Wilstermann16
9  Real Santa Cruz United10
10  c2h5ohhh8
11  Estudiantes SC4
12  kerkenez3
BrazilCampeonato Brasileiro
We saw four draws in the fifteenth round, three of which ended with 2-2 (Piratas do Clubismo vs. Capelópolis FC, Meia Boca Juniors vs. Piraloku FC, and Camisas Negras FC vs. Sport Club Flecha), and one ended with 1-1 (Botafogo F. R. vs. Bangu). Unfortunately for most of the league, Udi City F.C were one of the two teams to win (0-2 against Moços FC) - the other team to win their fifteenth round game were Nivek United (1-2 against Guará E.C).

Important games this round:
 Piraloku FC vs. Moços FC
 Sport Club Flecha vs. Botafogo F. R.
 Nivek United vs. Meia Boca Juniors
 Camisas Negras FC vs. Guará E.C
 Udi City F.C vs. Capelópolis FC
 Bangu vs. Piratas do Clubismo

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Udi City F.C (45 points), 2nd - Meia Boca Juniors (33 points), 3rd - Bangu (32 points), 4th - Nivek United (32 points), 5th - Camisas Negras FC (32 points), 6th - Piraloku FC (30 points), 7th - Sport Club Flecha (28 points), 8th - Botafogo F. R. (27 points), 9th - Capelópolis FC (27 points)
Promoted this season: Guará E.C, Moços FC, Piratas do Clubismo
1  Udi City F.C38
2  Capelópolis FC26
3  Nivek United26
4  Botafogo F. R.25
5  Guará E.C23
6  Moços FC21
7  Piraloku FC20
8  Piratas do Clubismo17
9  Sport Club Flecha16
10  Bangu 15
11  Meia Boca Juniors13
12  Camisas Negras FC7
CanadaCanadian Premier League

Important games this round:
 Bulletproof Monks vs. North Mississauga SC
 Quebec Football Club vs. The Lads
 NorVan FC vs. Football club de Taher

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - North Mississauga SC (56 points), 2nd - Bulletproof Monks (51 points), 3rd - Étoile Bordjienne (50 points), 4th - Football club de Taher (48 points), 5th - JS Kabylie (45 points), 6th - The Lads (42 points)
Promoted this season: Rampe Vallee FC, Toronto Bears, F.C. Liverpool
1  Bulletproof Monks40
2  Football club de Taher35
3  North Mississauga SC35
4  Quebec Football Club32
5  The Lads27
6  Étoile Bordjienne26
7  NorVan FC26
8  Toronto Bears11
9  Rampe Vallee FC10
10  Canary10
11  JS Kabylie6
12  F.C. Liverpool3
MexicoPrimera División

Important games this round:
 Panteras Negras UAM vs. Octopus MX
 C.D. Guadalajara vs. Tigres Dorados

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Tigres Dorados (56 points), 2nd - Octopus MX (56 points), 3rd - Panteras Negras UAM (54 points), 4th - C.D. Guadalajara (53 points)
Promoted this season: Chulita FC, Los Tricolores, Zombis de Sahuayo
1  Tigres Dorados42
2  Octopus MX38
3  Panteras Negras UAM35
4  C.D. Guadalajara34
5  C. D. Jorge Campos27
6  Perro Loko FC27
7  Morelia VInotinto18
8  FC United Regensdorf18
9  Los Tricolores16
10  Lypton Village7
11  Chulita FC1
12  Zombis de Sahuayo1
United States of AmericaChampionship
NY Cosmos had a good fifteenth round game, against all odds, getting a point against FC Seher Bosna. Since New Jersey Stars won their game against TeamScout, the difference between them and FC Seher Bosna dropped from four to two points.

Important games this round:
 New Jersey Stars vs. Rabbid Badgers
 FC Seher Bosna vs. Galaxy LA
 Velez SC vs. FC Dallas
 FC Orlando Gators vs. Beyond
 Rockledge FL vs. NY Cosmos
 mexico city vs. TeamScout

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - FC Seher Bosna (54 points), 2nd - New Jersey Stars (46 points), 3rd - NY Cosmos (43 points), 4th - Galaxy LA (38 points), 5th - TeamScout (38 points)
Promoted this season: Rockledge FL, Beyond, Rabbid Badgers
1  FC Seher Bosna36
2  New Jersey Stars34
3  Galaxy LA30
4  TeamScout27
5  mexico city22
6  NY Cosmos20
7  FC Orlando Gators17
8  FC Dallas17
9  Velez SC15
10  Rabbid Badgers12
11  Beyond8
12  Rockledge FL7

Sunday at 12:00

Important games this round:
 JK LÕVID vs. Football Club Tallinna Ariel
 Black Mount FC vs. JK Fellin
 Rammuka Vikings vs. FC Õieke
 Saaremaa JK vs. Jumalad

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - FC Õieke (50 points), 2nd - JK Fellin (48 points), 3rd - Saaremaa JK (45 points), 4th - Football Club Tallinna Ariel (44 points), 5th - FC Revolution (39 points)
Promoted this season: Jumalad, FC Tallinna Wolves, Keila JK
1  Saaremaa JK40
2  JK Fellin34
3  FC Õieke26
4  Rammuka Vikings25
5  Football Club Tallinna Ariel25
6  FC Revolution24
7  Black Mount FC21
9  Keila JK16
10  Jumalad16
11  FC Hyders13
12  FC Tallinna Wolves0

Important games this round:
 Liverpool vs. Universe
 FC Kuusysi vs. FC Rising Force

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Liverpool (55 points), 2nd - Sudet (54 points), 3rd - Permo Kickers (46 points), 4th - Nilsiän Pallo-Haukat (44 points), 5th - FC Rising Force (44 points), 6th - FC Kuusysi (44 points)
Promoted this season: Rauhala Angels, AC Tiksun ihQut, Polar Pack
1  Liverpool36
2  FC Kuusysi35
3  Nilsiän Pallo-Haukat30
4  Universe30
5  Sudet29
6  FC Rising Force29
7  Permo Kickers27
8  Rauhala Angels16
9  Seinäjoen Jalkapallokerho13
10  Porin Riento FC7
11  AC Tiksun ihQut5
12  Polar Pack1
FC Bandits had an excellent fifteenth round match. Their tactics were well suited to counter their opponents. They condensed the middle of the field, attempting to neutralise the three FC Veltins players responsible for providing good passes to the strikers. This worked quite well, and FC Bandits won the game with 3-1. However, nothing much changed on the league table - since Spars drew 1-1 against Iļģuciema Zvejnieks, the difference between the top two lowered by only a point.

Important games this round:
 FK Inokentijs Mārpls vs. Iļģuciema Zvejnieks
 Spars vs. FK Inter
 FC Veltins vs. A J Bramlett
 FC Lasta vs. Preiļu BJSS
 FC Uno vs. FC Bandits
 Admirals FC vs. Skonto Football Club

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - FC Lasta (55 points), 2nd - FC Veltins (50 points), 3rd - FC Uno (49 points), 4th - FC Bandits (42 points)
Promoted this season: FK Inokentijs Mārpls, Iļģuciema Zvejnieks, Admirals FC
1  FC Veltins36
2  Spars35
3  FC Lasta34
4  FC Uno28
5  FC Bandits24
6  Iļģuciema Zvejnieks23
7  Preiļu BJSS20
8  Skonto Football Club19
9  A J Bramlett13
10  Admirals FC10
11  FK Inter10
12  FK Inokentijs Mārpls1
LithuaniaA lyga

Important games this round:
 Agrastai vs. Futbolo Klubas Ekranas

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Agrastai (59 points), 2nd - Futbolo Klubas Ekranas (59 points), 3rd - Jurbarko FK Lūšis (52 points), 4th - RFS (50 points)
Promoted this season: Vikings FC, FC Mazeikiu ROMAR, FC Mažupė
1  Agrastai42
2  Futbolo Klubas Ekranas42
3  RFS37
4  Jurbarko FK Lūšis36
5  Alaus Megejai27
6  FBK Kaunas19
7  Fb Kaunas18
8  FK Kaunas IVT16
9  Fk Senjorai11
10  FC Mazeikiu ROMAR10
11  FC Mažupė4
12  Vikings FC3

Sunday at 14:00

Important games this round:
 Venator Academy FC vs. Jezerca FC
 FC Ballkani vs. Patosi Oilers

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Jezerca FC (56 points), 2nd - Venator Academy FC (52 points), 3rd - Albanian Eagles F.C. (51 points), 4th - DREAM F.C (47 points), 5th - Stratiots (46 points)
Promoted this season: inter 32, F.C INTERNAZIONALE, Crimson F.C.
1  Jezerca FC40
2  DREAM F.C38
3  Stratiots36
4  Venator Academy FC34
5  Albanian Eagles F.C.28
6  FC Ballkani23
7  Patosi Oilers22
8  inter 3214
9  Ruff Riders F.C.12
12  Crimson F.C.2
KM Asteras F.C. won an important victory in the fifteenth round - they won 3-2 against Thyella Patras F.C., taking the second place on the table from them in the process.

Important games this round:
 πρωταθλητές FC vs. Thyella Patras F.C.
 Niki Volos FC vs. KM Asteras F.C.

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - ACHAIKOS (55 points), 2nd - Thyella Patras F.C. (53 points), 3rd - KM Asteras F.C. (52 points), 4th - FC Samos (50 points), 5th - πρωταθλητές FC (49 points), 6th - Niki Volos FC (43 points)
Promoted this season: Hraklis Kallitheas FC, Apollon AG, Panathinaikos
1  πρωταθλητές FC40
2  KM Asteras F.C.38
3  Thyella Patras F.C.36
4  Niki Volos FC33
6  Aris Thessaloniki F.C.21
7  FC Samos19
8  Ano Rahoula17
9  Hraklis Kallitheas FC11
10  Panathinaikos 190810
11  Apollon AG6
12  Panathinaikos 0

Important games this round:
 GialloRossi Wilkowice vs. Torpedo Dobieszyn
 Stal Brzeg vs. Hetman Wielki Koronny
 Clepardia Kraków vs. Mosquitos CF
 FC Polski Klub vs. Desperadoss United
 WUJEK TEAM™ vs. KS Hetman Zamość
 FC Lubliniec vs. Ares Wrocław

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - GialloRossi Wilkowice (46 points), 2nd - Ares Wrocław (39 points), 3rd - Torpedo Dobieszyn (34 points), 4th - KS Hetman Zamość (31 points), 5th - FC Polski Klub (31 points), 6th - Mosquitos CF (29 points)
Promoted this season: FC Lubliniec, Stal Brzeg, Hetman Wielki Koronny
1  Clepardia Kraków32
2  KS Hetman Zamość29
3  Mosquitos CF28
4  Hetman Wielki Koronny27
5  GialloRossi Wilkowice26
7  Ares Wrocław21
8  FC Polski Klub17
9  Desperadoss United15
10  Stal Brzeg13
11  Torpedo Dobieszyn13
12  FC Lubliniec5
South AfricaPremier Division
X.Z.Team managed to snatch a draw from the jaws of defeat. After they were leading 1-3, Blackburn Rovers FC loosened their control, and while it took X.Z.Team almost until the end of the game, they scored their second goal in the 84th minute, and the equaliser just two minutes after that. Great point for X.Z.Team, horrible result for Blackburn Rovers FC (they also couldn't hold on to the second place with just a point from the fifteenth round).

Important games this round:
 Starz united vs. X.Z.Team

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Blackburn Rovers FC (62 points), 2nd - Polokwane Carpenters (60 points), 3rd - Maritzburg United F.C. (55 points)
1  Polokwane Carpenters42
2  Maritzburg United F.C.40
3  Blackburn Rovers FC38
4  X.Z.Team29
5  Witrivier Nutters28
6  Hobo United23
7  horn fc17
8  Starz united15
9  Dala Waterfalls14
10  Snak3S FC13
11  Uyo city3
12  Blue Bulls0
TurkeyTFF Süper Lig
Sinematografik Ataklar had a great fifteenth round game against GÖNENSPOR. They did quite good their first time around this season, so we knew the game will be a close one. Sinematografik Ataklar condensed the middle, pretty much eliminating the three GÖNENSPOR midfielders, and many of the great passes the three could have delivered. Sinematografik Ataklar won the game with 1-0 - the goal came from a long pass to their lone striker.
Since their midfielders are mostly in less than superb form, the same tactics didn't work for Göztepe, and they lost their fifteenth round match against Z & Z.

Important games this round:
 Fenerbahçe SK. vs. Z & Z
 GÖNENSPOR vs. Sarıgöl Gençlerbirliği
 Göztepe vs. KuzeyEfee FK
 Balkesspor vs. Erzincan Spor Kulübü
 Prophecy Of The North vs. Sinematografik Ataklar
 Efsane.1925 vs. Tortuga

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Efsane.1925 (44 points), 2nd - Z & Z (42 points), 3rd - GÖNENSPOR (40 points), 4th - KuzeyEfee FK (37 points), 5th - Balkesspor (33 points)
Promoted this season: Sarıgöl Gençlerbirliği, Tortuga, Sinematografik Ataklar
2  Z & Z29
3  Erzincan Spor Kulübü25
4  Efsane.192524
5  Göztepe22
6  Sinematografik Ataklar19
7  Balkesspor19
8  KuzeyEfee FK18
9  Fenerbahçe SK.17
10  Prophecy Of The North17
11  Tortuga14
12  Sarıgöl Gençlerbirliği13

Sunday at 16:00
CroatiaPrva HNL
NK Maksimir Zagreb had a good fifteenth round game, earning a point against Fight United Elite.

Important games this round:
 Lazy Surfer vs. West Herzegowina UTD FC
 TNT United vs. Komolacka Samba
 HAŠK vs. 9 depresivaca
 FC Gorri Ussi Winnetou vs. BiPieM
 NK Maksimir Zagreb vs. St. Krijal
 Fight United Elite vs. N.K. Slavonija

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Fight United Elite (50 points), 2nd - West Herzegowina UTD FC (46 points), 3rd - FC Gorri Ussi Winnetou (39 points), 4th - 9 depresivaca (36 points)
Promoted this season: TNT United, St. Krijal, Lazy Surfer
1  Fight United Elite32
2  HAŠK29
3  West Herzegowina UTD FC27
4  TNT United26
5  Komolacka Samba24
6  NK Maksimir Zagreb24
7  9 depresivaca19
8  FC Gorri Ussi Winnetou19
9  BiPieM15
10  St. Krijal14
11  Lazy Surfer11
12  N.K. Slavonija8
Czech republic1. liga
F.C. Viktoria Plzen won an important victory in the fifteenth round - they won 2-0 against FK Chrudim, taking the second place from them in the process.

Important games this round:
 RC Victoria Moravia vs. SK Slavia Kájov
 FC Romulus vs. Football Magicians

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - F.C. Viktoria Plzen (61 points), 2nd - RC Victoria Moravia (60 points), 3rd - FC Romulus (55 points)
Promoted this season: FC Zodiac , FC Budvar, FC Pod hradem
1  FC Romulus40
2  F.C. Viktoria Plzen37
3  Football Magicians34
4  FK Chrudim34
5  RC Victoria Moravia 33
6  FK Panthers ZLÍN25
7  SK Slavia Kájov 24
8  MFK Frýdek-Místek13
9  AC Krakonosovo9
10  FC Pod hradem6
11  FC Zodiac 4
12  FC Budvar4

Important games this round:
 Kicker der Kokosnuss vs. FK Leotar München
 Roma Köln vs. Omega FC
 Forest Club vs. Rasenschach Bedburg-Hau
 Elegant Elephants vs. VfR Aalen
 FC Passau vs. Berlin Hertha FC

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Kicker der Kokosnuss (57 points), 2nd - Omega FC (45 points), 3rd - Roma Köln (39 points)
Promoted this season: Berlin Hertha FC, Rasenschach Bedburg-Hau, TSV Allmendingen
1  Elegant Elephants40
2  Omega FC34
3  Roma Köln34
4  Kicker der Kokosnuss31
5  Forest Club29
6  VfR Aalen20
7  Rasenschach Bedburg-Hau17
8  FC Passau 16
9  Berlin Hertha FC15
10  TSV Allmendingen12
11  FK Leotar München7
ItalySerie A
The top three didn't have a great fifteenth round. Instead of taking control, Linceo allowed Barzot Team to do so. While Barzot Team weren't particularly dangerous, by controlling the game, they didn't allow Linceo to do much with the ball either - their game ended with a goalless draw. Atletico Sacca and Ghemon Team played against each-other in the fifteenth round, and their game was a complete opposite of the one between Linceo and Barzot Team. Both teams were very active, and we saw goals from start to the end. Neither team led for long, though both led at one point in the game, which finished with (undoubtedly unsatisfactory for either team) a 3-3 draw.

Important games this round:
 Ghemon Team vs. Navigli UTD
 Chipperfield vs. Atletico Sacca
 Realjoggi vs. AC Vitasana
 Il Circolino vs. EAST SIDE SALERNO
 Venice United vs. Barzot Team
 FC Umana Reyer vs. Linceo

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Ghemon Team (49 points), 2nd - AC Vitasana (46 points), 3rd - Realjoggi (43 points), 4th - Il Circolino (40 points), 5th - Navigli UTD (39 points)
Promoted this season: Barzot Team, Atletico Sacca, FC Umana Reyer
1  Linceo33
2  Atletico Sacca28
3  Ghemon Team27
4  Realjoggi25
5  Barzot Team21
7  Venice United19
8  Navigli UTD16
9  Il Circolino16
10  Chipperfield16
11  FC Umana Reyer14
12  AC Vitasana11
SlovakiaSuper Liga

Important games this round:
 MB footbal club vs. FC Jezury Sered
 FC Petržalka akadémia vs. SC Bianconeri
 ŠK Blava vs. FC Restig Penguins

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - FC Jezury Sered (50 points), 2nd - FC Soldiers (49 points), 3rd - MB footbal club (47 points), 4th - SC Bianconeri (45 points), 5th - FC Petržalka akadémia (44 points), 6th - Spartak Trnava FC (43 points), 7th - FC Restig Penguins (42 points)
Promoted this season: Demotivators Bratislava, FC Sered, FC Trnava Sharks
1  Spartak Trnava FC38
2  FC Jezury Sered37
3  MB footbal club32
4  FC Restig Penguins31
5  FC Soldiers31
6  SC Bianconeri28
7  FC Petržalka akadémia26
8  ŠK Blava23
9  SK Hutnik Sered9
10  Demotivators Bratislava6
11  FC Sered3
12  FC Trnava Sharks0
SpainPrimera Division
Marbella Linces were in bad form for their fifteenth round game. They hosted the third on the table, Brian Boitano's. We expected more from both teams, but match itself wasn't all that exciting - the only goal came from set pieces. While both teams stayed put, Marbella Linces are now five points behind Espongis, and only two points in front of Brian Boitano's.

Important games this round:
 Brian Boitano's vs. KaKaTuaS
 Portela vs. Espongis
 Marbella Linces vs. Celtic de Mostoles FC
 FC AldaiaX vs. Drunks Oilers

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Portela (49 points), 2nd - CF Mieres Del Camín (47 points), 3rd - Drunks Oilers (44 points), 4th - Espongis (41 points), 5th - Celtic de Mostoles FC (41 points), 6th - Marbella Linces (37 points)
Promoted this season: FC AldaiaX, Sporting de Chamartin, Levante Falleros
1  Espongis36
2  Marbella Linces31
3  Brian Boitano's29
4  CF Mieres Del Camín25
5  Drunks Oilers24
6  Celtic de Mostoles FC24
7  Portela23
8  KaKaTuaS22
9  Athletic Bilbao21
10  FC AldaiaX9
11  Levante Falleros6
12  Sporting de Chamartin3

Sunday at 18:00

Important games this round:
 Carnap Kickers vs. Insomniac FC
 Skuldborg Vikings vs. FC Rido
 Borsholm-Skibstrup IF vs. Sørby IF
 Skjetten Tigres vs. Boldklubben Herning Fremad
 Glory Man United vs. BK Marienlyst
 Eintracht Brunsviger vs. Fevre fB

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Insomniac FC (52 points), 2nd - Sørby IF (47 points), 3rd - Fevre fB (40 points), 4th - Glory Man United (39 points), 5th - Borsholm-Skibstrup IF (38 points)
Promoted this season: Skuldborg Vikings, Eintracht Brunsviger, BK Marienlyst
1  Insomniac FC38
2  Fevre fB36
3  FC Rido30
4  Glory Man United25
5  Carnap Kickers23
6  Borsholm-Skibstrup IF22
7  Sørby IF20
8  Skjetten Tigres20
9  Boldklubben Herning Fremad18
10  Eintracht Brunsviger8
11  Skuldborg Vikings7
12  BK Marienlyst5
FranceLIGUE 1
Only one fifteenth round game ended in a draw - the game between Rookies F.C and Olympique de Marseille. While the draw wasn't all that bad for Rookies F.C, Olympique de Marseille lost the second place on the table.

Important games this round:
 JFK Lusignacum vs. FC Palestine
 Patone vs. Standard FC
 Olympique de Saubusse vs. Rookies F.C
 Olympique de Marseille vs. Tnaz Team ⁹⁴
 Fc Clairefontaine vs. Green Spot
 Gunny FC vs. OMforEVER

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Olympique de Saubusse (54 points), 2nd - JFK Lusignacum (48 points), 3rd - Olympique de Marseille (44 points), 4th - Fc Clairefontaine (40 points), 5th - OMforEVER (39 points)
Promoted this season: Standard FC, Tnaz Team ⁹⁴ , FC Palestine
1  Olympique de Saubusse37
2  FC Palestine27
3  Olympique de Marseille26
4  Green Spot24
5  Rookies F.C24
6  JFK Lusignacum23
7  Gunny FC17
8  OMforEVER17
9  Patone15
10  Standard FC15
11  Fc Clairefontaine 14
12  Tnaz Team ⁹⁴ 10
We saw three 1-1 draws in the fifteenth round (Manchester City F.C. vs. Deathbydawn, Bella FC vs. derby county fc, and Godset vs. FC Shibal) which was good for Droneklubben, who won their fifteenth round match. With the additional three points, and great goal difference, Droneklubben moved up into first place on the table.

Important games this round:
 Godset vs. Manchester City F.C.
 Deathbydawn vs. Torden
 Vandalen FC vs. Droneklubben
 derby county fc vs. Kazor Villains
 Mighty Bears F.C. vs. Bella FC

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Mighty Bears F.C. (52 points), 2nd - Droneklubben (38 points), 3rd - Bella FC (32 points), 4th - Kazor Villains (31 points), 5th - Deathbydawn (29 points)
Promoted this season: Vandalen FC, FC Shibal, Night Hunters
1  Droneklubben28
2  Deathbydawn28
3  Bella FC27
4  Mighty Bears F.C.26
5  Manchester City F.C.25
6  Torden24
7  Godset24
8  FC Shibal23
9  Kazor Villains21
10  derby county fc16
11  Vandalen FC8
12  Night Hunters0
The top two had an intersting fifteenth round game - one that ended with a 1-1 draw. While they both have enough of a lead to remain in their places (especially SSSE), Slayer are now just a point in front of the third (AZ ALKMAAR FC defeated PEC Zwolle with 3-0).

Important games this round:
 JF.Millaran vs. Slayer
 PEC Zwolle vs. Wrexham AFC
 AZ ALKMAAR FC vs. DeDonnys
 Dutch Lions vs. Abel United
 FCTWENTE76 vs. Lazio Berkel
 Dunder Mifflin Infinity vs. SSSE

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - DeDonnys (51 points), 2nd - SSSE (48 points), 3rd - Dunder Mifflin Infinity (42 points), 4th - AZ ALKMAAR FC (41 points), 5th - PEC Zwolle (38 points)
Promoted this season: JF.Millaran, Wrexham AFC, Lazio Berkel
1  SSSE36
2  Slayer27
4  DeDonnys24
5  PEC Zwolle22
6  Dunder Mifflin Infinity22
8  JF.Millaran18
9  Abel United18
10  Lazio Berkel14
11  Dutch Lions13
12  Wrexham AFC12

Sunday at 20:00
ArgentinaPrimera division

Important games this round:
 Motive Club vs. Los Garrafas
 racing club vs. Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata
 Celeste Jrs. vs. VALIANT SOUL (F.C.)
 AC Olympic vs. Deportivo Tachira
 CD Banfield vs. Racing Club de Avellaneda

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (50 points), 2nd - Motive Club (50 points), 3rd - VALIANT SOUL (F.C.) (48 points), 4th - AC Olympic (42 points), 5th - racing club (40 points)
Promoted this season: CD Banfield, Los Garrafas, Boca
1  Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata38
3  AC Olympic27
4  Celeste Jrs.27
5  Racing Club de Avellaneda27
6  Deportivo Tachira25
7  Motive Club25
8  racing club24
9  Internazionale San Isidro17
10  Los Garrafas10
11  CD Banfield6
12  Boca0
ChileCampeonato Chileno
The top three each lost their fifteenth round game with 0-1. CSD Colo Colo lost their game against Deportivo Chiloe. Lexeros Futbol Club lost their game against Alboadictos. And CDP Curico Unido lost their game against C.S.D. U de Chile. However, while CSD Colo Colo remained first, both, Lexeros Futbol Club and CDP Curico Unido dropped one place down the table.

Important games this round:
 Full Attack vs. Athletic Valhalla
 CSD Colo Colo vs. Weißer Löwe Morder Club
 Alboadictos vs. CDP Curico Unido
 C.S.D. U de Chile vs. Club de Deportes Concepción
 Pilmahue Villarrica vs. Lexeros Futbol Club

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Deportivo Chiloe (50 points), 2nd - Athletic Valhalla (50 points), 3rd - C.S.D. U de Chile (46 points), 4th - Lexeros Futbol Club (45 points), 5th - CSD Colo Colo (43 points), 6th - Pilmahue Villarrica (41 points)
Promoted this season: Alboadictos, Weißer Löwe Morder Club, Full Attack
1  CSD Colo Colo30
2  Deportivo Chiloe29
3  Lexeros Futbol Club28
4  CDP Curico Unido28
5  C.S.D. U de Chile27
6  Weißer Löwe Morder Club27
7  Athletic Valhalla22
8  Pilmahue Villarrica22
9  Alboadictos22
10  Club de Deportes Concepción12
11  Full Attack6
12  O'Higgins FC0
ColombiaLiga Dimayor
Faceta F.C. won an important victory in the fifteenth round - they defeated Manizales Town with 1-0. Since Faceta F.C. are the first team to defeat Manizales Town this season, Manizales Town easily remained first.

Important games this round:
 Faceta F.C. vs. crespo f.c
 Manizales Town vs. Atlético Nacional S. A.
 Shennen Futbol Club vs. Scarlatas Sporting Club
 Cúcuta Deportivo F.C. vs. Yami F.C
 Atletico Bucaramanga vs. Darashia S.C.
 Frontera colombiana vs. Mallama Jaguares

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Manizales Town (58 points), 2nd - Yami F.C (48 points), 3rd - Shennen Futbol Club (38 points)
Promoted this season: Atletico Bucaramanga, crespo f.c, Cúcuta Deportivo F.C.
1  Manizales Town38
2  Faceta F.C.34
3  Yami F.C34
4  crespo f.c28
5  Frontera colombiana22
6  Mallama Jaguares21
7  Darashia S.C.19
8  Shennen Futbol Club18
9  Atlético Nacional S. A.17
10  Cúcuta Deportivo F.C.12
11  Scarlatas Sporting Club5
12  Atletico Bucaramanga4
PeruDescentralizado Peruano

Important games this round:
 Inferno United vs. Deportivo Municipal
 goleadores vs. Real Betis Balonpie
 Vilcabamba CD vs. UC Real Lima

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Real Betis Balonpie (51 points), 2nd - Real Madrid CF (49 points), 3rd - goleadores (48 points), 4th - UC Real Lima (44 points), 5th - Vilcabamba CD (42 points)
Promoted this season: MOPI FC, Niagara FC, EZROMA FC
1  Real Madrid CF37
2  Vilcabamba CD35
3  UC Real Lima34
4  Real Betis Balonpie32
5  Inferno United29
6  FS200127
7  goleadores23
8  Deportivo Municipal21
9  Universitario de Deportes16
10  MOPI FC6
12  Niagara FC0
UruguayCampeonato Uruguayo Garra Charrúa
Only one fifteenth round game ended without multiple goals being scored. In fact, it ended without any goals being scored. The game between C.A. Torque and Defensor Sporting Club ended with a rather lacklustre, 0-0. Fortunately for C.A. Torque, they have excellent goal difference, otherwise they would have lost the second place.

Important games this round:
 Defensor Sporting Club vs. Montevideo Hellhounds
 Schnabel von Rom vs. C.A. Torque
 Los Mapaches Cangrejeros vs. El Tiki Tiki de Pando

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Gunners Team 1886 (58 points), 2nd - El Tiki Tiki de Pando (53 points), 3rd - Semen Bremen (51 points), 4th - C.A. Torque (47 points), 5th - Mauá Futsal (44 points)
Promoted this season: Judas Priest, Club Atlético Cordón, Montevideo Hellhounds
1  Mauá Futsal35
2  C.A. Torque31
3  El Tiki Tiki de Pando31
4  Gunners Team 188630
5  Schnabel von Rom29
6  Semen Bremen27
7  Defensor Sporting Club26
8  Los Mapaches Cangrejeros19
9  Montevideo Hellhounds15
10  Judas Priest7
11  Club Atlético Cordón6
12  Carbonero Club II1
Venezuela1era Division
Pepeventus F.C won an important victory in the fifteenth round - they won 0-1 against Real K'tupis FC. While none of the positions have changed at the top, Pepeventus F.C are now just three points behind Real K'tupis FC, and they remain two points in front of Union Atletico Falcón.

Important games this round:
 Pepeventus F.C vs. Zulia FC
 Luxus FC vs. Real K'tupis FC

Last seasons Top teams: 1st - Real K'tupis FC (62 points), 2nd - Tequeños de chocolate (53 points), 3rd - Zulia FC (45 points)
Promoted this season: SSC Bestville, crakers, Vuelos de Fenix F.C
1  Real K'tupis FC36
2  Pepeventus F.C33
3  Union Atletico Falcón31
4  Zulia FC29
5  Real Colmenares26
6  Tequeños de chocolate25
7  Atlético De Maracaibo 24
8  Juventus de Venezuela 23
9  Luxus FC20
10  crakers6
11  SSC Bestville3
12  Vuelos de Fenix F.C3
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