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18th League round
Our list of the most interesting matches, in the top leagues, this round:
Saturday at 08:00 GMT
Australia A-League
Top teams: 1st - CIKAR (42 points), 2nd - FC SPIDERS Sydney (42 points), 3rd - FC Anderson Park North Sydney (41 points), 4th - Redlands UTD (35 points)
FC Anderson Park North Sydney defeated FC SPIDERS Sydney in the seventeenth round of A-League. As a result, CIKAR moved back up to first, FC SPIDERS Sydney dropped down, and FC Anderson Park North Sydney are now only a point behind (instead of four they were before).
Japan J-League
Top teams: 1st - Aira FC (48 points), 2nd - 丸男 (43 points), 3rd - Albirex Niigata (42 points), 4th - Matsumoto Yamaga FC (42 points)
No changes at the top of the J-League after the seventeenth round.
丸男 vs. Albirex Niigata
New Zealand Premiership
Top teams: 1st - Just Vale II (46 points), 2nd - Wellington Phoenix (43 points), 3rd - Blue Pixies (40 points), 4th - Waterside Karori AFC (39 points)
In the seventeenth round, Wellington Phoenix lost a crucial match against their main rivals this season, Just Vale II. The two switched places again, though this time it could be a permanent change.
Wellington Phoenix vs. Waterside Karori AFC
South Korea K-League
Top teams: 1st - Andong Mackerels (45 points), 2nd - YooSin 태권도 (45 points), 3rd - fc olleh (43 points), 4th - Bucheon FC 1995 (38 points)
The top three teams switched places after the seventeenth round. YooSin 태권도 defeted fc olleh. That match had a chain reaction at the top - Fc olleh dropped from first to third, YooSin 태권도 moved from third to second, and Andong Mackerels went from second to first.
fc olleh vs. Bucheon FC 1995
Saturday at 10:00 GMT
Bangladesh Bangladesh Premier League
Top teams: 1st - FF Academy (48 points), 2nd - Chæmp̒ (48 points)
A couple of changes in BPL, though not right at the top. Beanibazar SC (now fifth, 36 points) played against FF Academy and lost heavily (5:0). Rajshahi had an easy opponent and took the fourth place (they also have 36 points).
China Premier Division
Top teams: 1st - baobeiqiqi (48 points), 2nd - lanxingxing (38 points), 3rd - xiaotian-inter (38 points), 4th - Yanbian FC (37 points), 5th - Tongzhou Lions (34 points)
Several changes in the Premier Division after the seventeenth round. Yanbian FC lost against lanxingxing (0:1). As a result of that Yanbian FC dropped from second to fourth, while lanxingxing, and xiaotian-inter moved up one place.
India Super League
Top teams: 1st - Aurangabad F.C. (51 points), 2nd - Minerva Punjab (41 points), 3rd - Rangdajied UFC (40 points), 4th - Chennai City (38 points)
No changes at the top of Super League after the seventeenth round.
Thailand T1
Top teams: 1st - Thai Fighter (38 points), 2nd - Area6ten9okini. (38 points), 3rd - Deportivo Dekara (37 points), 4th - Guru United (36 points), 5th - Atilico de nezzuri (35 points)
No changes in the T1 after the seventeenth round.
Atilico de nezzuri vs. Area6ten9okini.
Saturday at 12:00 GMT
Israel Ligat HaAl
Top teams: 1st - ® Legionnaires © (51 points), 2nd - FCNetanya (48 points), 3rd - Umm al-Fahm FC (42 points)
It's do or die for FCNetanya today. Anything but a win will (almost assuredly) mean that ® Legionnaires © will be the Champions again.
FCNetanya vs. ® Legionnaires ©
Malta 1st Division
Top teams: 1st - Cittá Beland (49 points), 2nd - Valletta Warriors 2020 (46 points), 3rd - Floriana Football Club (45 points)
No changes at the top of the 1st Division after the seventeenth round.
Cittá Beland vs. Floriana Football Club
Moldova Divizia Nationala
Top teams: 1st - Moldavian Stars (49 points), 2nd - FC Bayern München 2010 (46 points), 3rd - CFNorthampton (44 points)
No changes in the Divizia Nationala after the seventeenth round.
FC Bayern München 2010 vs. Moldavian Stars
Romania Divizia A
Top teams: 1st - Avrig United (29 points), 2nd - F.C. Dinamo Bucureşti (28 points), 3rd - FC LIVERP00L (28 points), 4th - Navigator (27 points), 5th - FC RECOLTA BLAJANI (26 points), 6th - F.C.PRETOR (25 points), 7th - F.C. Arges 1953 Pitesti (25 points), 8th - Oltenia Force One (22 points), 9th - East Strike (20 points), 10th - FC Sportul Municipal (20 points)
A lot of changes in Divizia A after the seventeenth round including at the top - though Avrig United stayed first (the only ones in the top half of the table that stayed in place).
FC LIVERP00L vs. F.C. Dinamo Bucureşti
F.C.PRETOR vs. East Strike
F.C. Arges 1953 Pitesti vs. FC Sportul Municipal
Russia Premier League
Top teams: 1st - Spartak Moscova (47 points), 2nd - Novorossiysk (46 points)
The top two are still dominating the Premier League - no changes after the seventeenth round.
Tuesday at 14:00 GMT
England English Premiership
Top teams: 1st - Gravediggers (34 points), 2nd - Direwolves (33 points), 3rd - Aston Villa F.C. (31 points), 4th - Dreadnought (29 points), 5th - Stonybridge United (29 points), 6th - Bristol Fury (29 points)
A lot of changes in the English Premiership after the seventeenth round, including right at the top - Direwolves, and Gravediggers switched places.
Aston Villa F.C. vs. Gravediggers
Dreadnought vs. Direwolves
Iceland Úrvalsdeild
Top teams: 1st - Oldboys United (46 points), 2nd - Winter is Coming (46 points), 3rd - Junkers United (40 points), 4th - Football club Valur (40 points)
No changes at the top of the Úrvalsdeild after the seventeenth round.
Ireland Premier Division
Top teams: 1st - Leinster Lions (40 points), 2nd - Knockea United (37 points), 3rd - Red Army (36 points), 4th - rubber ducks (33 points)
A couple of changes in Premier Division after the seventeenth round, including towards the top - Red Army, and Knockea United switched places.
Scotland Premier League
Top teams: 1st - Dundonald Bluebell (46 points), 2nd - Macduff Lions (46 points), 3rd - Bingolspor FC (42 points)
The top three are still dominating the Premier League - they all won their seventeenth round matches.
Serbia Superliga
Top teams: 1st - FK JTB United (34 points), 2nd - Mocni Veprovi (31 points), 3rd - FK Midfild (31 points), 4th - Orthodox brothers (28 point), 5th - ⭐ Pixi United ⭐ (25 points)
No one changed positions in the Superliga after the seventeenth round.
Mocni Veprovi vs. ⭐ Pixi United ⭐
Saturday at 16:00 GMT
Austria ÖF-Bundesliga
Top teams: 1st - NO MA´AM (47 points), 2nd - Kapfenberg SV (46 points)
No changes in the ÖF-Bundesliga after the seventeenth round. Though there is a change - points wise at the top - SC Wiener Neustadt lost against Kapfenberg SV, their chances of moving up went down drastically.
BiH Premier Liga BiH
Top teams: 1st - FK Sarajevo 1946 (40 points), 2nd - BH Dragons (35 points), 3rd - Downtown Crew (31 points), 4th - PARTIZAN FK (31 points)
A couple of changes towards the top of the Premier Liga BiH after the seventeenth round - though not right at the top.
Bulgaria A Grupa
Top teams: 1st - Lazio_1900 (47 points), 2nd - Val United (46 points), 3rd - CSKA Sofia (39 points), 4th - Kazanlŭk Thracians FC (38 points)
No change in the A Grupa after the seventeenth round.
Hungary Nemzeti Bajnokság
Top teams: 1st - Football club Pécs (44 points), 2nd - Hunyadi János (43 points), 3rd - Paksi Sportegyesület (40 points), 4th - Gulya FC (38 points)
Hunyadi János hosted Football club Pécs in the seventeenth round - they won, getting one step closer to the first place.
Montenegro Prva liga
Top teams: 1st - Paladin FC (40 points), 2nd - San Stefano FC (36 points), 3rd - Hooters Inc. (34 points), 4th - AC Neophyte (31 points), 5th - Returnees (28 points)
A couple of changes in the Prva liga after the seventeenth round, the most important of which was AC Neophyte, and Hooters Inc. switching places (Hooters defeated Neophyte in the seventeenth round).
Returnees vs. Hooters Inc.
Slovenia Prva SNL
Top teams: 1st - Neverwalkalone (41 points), 2nd - NK Velikani (39 points), 3rd - Borussia Dortmund (38 points)
Neverwalkalone had a fantastic seventeenth round. They defeated Borussia Dortmund 3:0, taking their place at the same time. NK Velikani also profited by that match, as they also moved one place up.
Saturday at 18:00 GMT
Belgium Eerste Klasse
Top teams: 1st - FC Goldstar (47 points), 2nd - Merchtem2016 (36 points), 3rd - hammertime (35 points), 4th - EA SERREKES (35 points)
The only changes in the Eerste Klasse after the seventeenth round were at the bottom - RSCA Anderlecht dropped to twelfth, Club Brugge K.V. moved up to eleventh. The rest of the league stayed as they were.
Portugal Superliga
Top teams: 1st - Tiky Wiky (36 points), 2nd - Galacticos C.P. (34 points), 3rd - Darkwarriors (34 points)
After the seventeenth round we again had a lot of changes in the Superliga. Though, Tiky Wiky remain at the top.
Sweden Allsvenskan
Top teams: 1st - Norrlandsfotboll FC (43 points), 2nd - Slovenia Dreamteam (41 points), 3rd - Bałtyk Gdynia (39 points), 4th - Rutger Boll Klubb (34 points)
No change in the Allsvenskan after the seventeenth round - we'll see if something will change after this round.
Norrlandsfotboll FC vs. Slovenia Dreamteam
Switzerland Super league
Top teams: 1st - Traktor Au (40 points), 2nd - Zürcher Lions (37 points), 3rd - Fc Black Panther (34 points)
Traktor Au had a slightly bad round - they drew against The steelheads (now seventh, with 24 points). Since Zürcher Lions won, their lead is down to 3 points.
Saturday at 20:00 GMT
Algeria Premiere division
Top teams: 1st - RC Kouba (43 points), 2nd - Kahla & Hamra (37 points)
Kahla & Hamra lost at a crucial time, and to make things worse, they lost to the tenth (previously eleventh) club, Banu Zayan FC. Though their lead in front of the third, Itihad.Riadi.Ouled.Nail, is still a healthy 13 points, they are now 6 points behind the leaders, and the way RC Kouba are going, that could be a win too far.
Bolivia Asociacion Boliviana de Futbol
Top teams: 1st - Club Atlético Ciclón (49 points), 2nd - Blooming (42 points), 3rd - Nomads F.C. (41 points), 4th - Club Bolívar (40 points)
Club Atlético Ciclón defeated their closest rivals in the seventeenth round, and their lead now is a healthy 7 points. In the second match of interest in the seventeenth round of the Asociacion Boliviana de Futbol, Nomads F.C. defeated Club Bolívar. Interestingly, both games ended with the away team winning 0:1.
Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro
Top teams: 1st - Botafogo F. R. (31 points), 2nd - Esporte Clube Paulista (31 points), 3rd - Piraloku F.C (29 points), 4th - Project Mayhem (27 points), 5th - Nivek United (25 points), 6th - Sport Club Peladeiros (23 points), 7th - Celta de Vigo (22 points), 8th - Alagados Do Cirandinha Futebol Clube (22 points)
An exciting seventeenth round in the Campeonato Brasileiro. Botafogo F. R. defeated Piraloku F.C and deposed them. Esporte Clube Paulista also benefited from that match, as they moved one place up.
Botafogo F. R. vs. Alagados Do Cirandinha Futebol Clube
Esporte Clube Paulista vs. Nivek United
Project Mayhem vs. Sport Club Peladeiros
Canada Canadian Premier League
Top teams: 1st - Toronto Bears (45 points), 2nd - N Mississauga SC (42 points), 3rd - Bulletproof Monks (39 points), 4th - Impact de taher (36 points)
No changes in the top half of the CPL after the seventeenth round.
Bulletproof Monks vs. Toronto Bears
Mexico Primera División
Top teams: 1st - Alebrijes Oaxaca (45 points), 2nd - Panteras Negras UAM (43 points), 3rd - FC United Regensdorf (43 points), 4th - Octopus FC (36 points)
No changes in the Primera División after the seventeenth round. But we could have a change or two after this round.
FC United Regensdorf vs. Alebrijes Oaxaca
USA Championship
Top teams: 1st - FC Seher Bosna (44 points), 2nd - Galaxy LA (36 points), 3rd - New Jersey Stars (36 points), 4th - TeamScout (30 points), 5th - NY Cosmos (30 points)
No changes at the top of the Championship after the seventeenth round.
Galaxy LA vs. NY Cosmos
Sunday at 12:00 GMT
Estonia Meistriliiga
Top teams: 1st - JK LÕVID (39 points), 2nd - Football Club Tallinna Ariel (37 points), 3rd - Saaremaa JK (34 points), 4th - JK Fellin (33 points), 5th - FC Revolution (32 points), 6th - FC Rhemity (31 points)
Several changes in the top half of the Meistriliiga after the seventeenth round - though the top two remain as they were.
Saaremaa JK vs. JK Fellin
Finland Ykkönen
Top teams: 1st - Maardu Levadia (45 points), 2nd - FC Rising Force (43 points), 3rd - Liverpool (43 points), 4th - Permo Kickers (37 points)
Several changes in the Ykkönen after the seventeenth round - including in the top three. Maardu Levadia are the new leaders. Liverpool, the previous leaders played against FC Rising Force and lost.
Liverpool vs. Maardu Levadia
Permo Kickers vs. FC Rising Force
Latvia Virslīga
Top teams: 1st - FC Alcoholic Aqua Kangaroos (36 points), 2nd - FC Veltins (35 points), 3rd - A J Bramlett (35 points), 4th - Spars (35 points), 5th - FC Uno (33 points), 6th - FK Inokentijs Mārpls (29 points), 7th - FC Lasta (27 points)
This time we have no changes in the Virslīga.
FC Lasta vs. FC Veltins
A J Bramlett vs. FK Inokentijs Mārpls
Spars vs. FC Uno
Lithuania A lyga
Top teams: 1st - Agrastai (49 points), 2nd - Fk Senjorai (44 points), 3rd - FK Žalgiris Vilnius (43 points), 4th - Futbolo Klubas Ekranas (39 points)
No clubs changed positions after the seventeenth round in the A lyga.
Fk Senjorai vs. Futbolo Klubas Ekranas
Sunday at 14:00 GMT
Albania Superliga
Top teams: 1st - F.C. Illyrians (44 points), 2nd - inter 32 (39 points), 3rd - Albanian Eagles (34 points), 4th - DREAM F.C (34 points), 5th - JEZERCA FC (33 points)
A couple of changes in the Superliga after the seventeenth round - JEZERCA FC dropped from third to fifth, while Albanian Eagles, and DREAM F.C both moved up one place.
Greece Superleague
Top teams: 1st - FC Samos (48 points), 2nd - KM Asteras F.C. (40 points), 3rd - Ολυμπιακός FC (39 points), 4th - Ano Rahoula (39 points)
We again have three changes in the Superleague. Ano Rahoula lost (to Ολυμπιακός FC) and dropped from second to fourth. Ολυμπιακός FC, and KM Asteras F.C. both rose up one spot.
Poland Ekstraklasa
Top teams: 1st - GialloRossi Brzeg (39 points), 2nd - KS Glinice Radom (36 points), 3rd - KS Hetman Zamość (33 points)
Two clubs switched places in the Ekstraklasa after the seventeenth round - WUJEK TEAM™ defeated GialloRossi Brzeg and moved up to fourth, Ares Wroclaw drew (against FK Torpedo Dobieszyn) and dropped down to fifth.
South Africa Premier Division
Top teams: 1st - X.Z.Team (48 points), 2nd - Blue Bulls (43 points), 3rd - Polokwane Carpenters (37 points), 4th - إف سي الغردقة مصر (thirty-seven points)
Polokwane Carpenters switched places with إف سي الغرد after the seventeenth round.
Blue Bulls vs. Polokwane Carpenters
Turkey TFF Süper Lig
Top teams: 1st - Sarıgöl Gençlerbirliği (30 points), 2nd - Efsane.1925 (30 points), 3rd - Idmangucu (29 points), 4th - AfelSpor (26 points), 5th - Galatasaray.Sk (25 points)
Several changes in the TFF Süper Lig after the seventeenth round, including at the top. Efsane.1925 had a bad seventeenth round, they lost to Elazığspor FK (ninth placed team), and they also lost the first place. Idmangucu also lost, and they dropped from second to third. The big winners of the seventeenth round were Sarıgöl Gençlerbirliği, they won and moved straight to the top.
AfelSpor vs. Efsane.1925
Galatasaray.Sk vs. Idmangucu
Sunday at 16:00 GMT
Croatia Prva HNL
Top teams: 1st - HAŠK (35 points), 2nd - FC Gorri Ussi Winnetou (34 points), 3rd - West Herzegowina UTD FC (30 points), 4th - SOD4 (28 points), 5th - Panthera Leo (28 points), 6th - TNT United (27 points)
A lot of changes after the seventeenth round in the Prva HNL, including everyone in the top half of the table.
Panthera Leo vs. SOD4
Czech Republic 1. liga
Top teams: 1st - F.C. Viktoria Plzen (48 points), 2nd - RC Victoria Moravia (45 points), 3rd - FC Romulus (43 points)
No changes after the seventeenth round in the 1. liga.
Germany Bundesliga
Top teams: 1st - Lindworms (44 points), 2nd - Kicker der Kokosnuss (42 points)
A crucial match for the top two in the Bundesliga this round.
Lindworms vs. Kicker der Kokosnuss
Italy Serie A
Top teams: 1st - Enoshima FC (35 points), 2nd - Linceo (35 points), 3rd - Club Calcio Catania (31 points), 4th - Ghemon Team (31 points), 5th - AC NADOR (30 points), 6th - Navigli UTD (28 points)
Two clubs in the top half of the Serie A switched places after the seventeenth round - Club Calcio Catania drew and moved up, Ghemon Team lost and dropped down.5
Navigli UTD vs. Ghemon Team
Slovakia Super Liga
Top teams: 1st - FC FOXY ADS Sered (44 points), 2nd - MB footbal club (36 points), 3rd - Spartak Trnava FC (35 points), 4th - FC Soldiers (34 points), 5th - SC Bianconeri (32 points), 6th - FC Restig Penguins (31 points)
MB footbal club, Spartak Trnava FC, and FC Soldiers again switched places - MB football club moved up one place, as did Spartak Trnava FC, while FC Soldiers drop down two places.
Spain Primera Division
Top teams: 1st - Espongis (41 points), 2nd - Brian Boitano's (40 points), 3rd - Celtic de Mostoles FC (38 points), 4th - KaKaTuaS (35 points), 5th - Drunks Oilers (34 points)
A couple of changes in the Primera Division after the seventeenth round. The most important of which is the switch at the top - Brian Boitano's lost and dropped down, Espongis won and moved up.
Drunks Oilers vs. Celtic de Mostoles FC
Sunday at 18:00 GMT
Denmark Superligaen
Top teams: 1st - Insomniac Football Club (35 points), 2nd - Borsholm-Skibstrup IF (35 points), 3rd - Lambavík Bóltfelag (34 points), 4th - Future Stars (30 points), 5th - Stella Rossa® (30 points), 6th - Skjetten Tigres (29 points)
No changes at the top of the Superligaen after the seventeenth round.
Insomniac Football Club vs. Skjetten Tigres
Borsholm-Skibstrup IF vs. Future Stars
Stella Rossa® vs. Lambavík Bóltfelag
France LIGUE 1
Top teams: 1st - Olympique de Phnom Penh (39 points), 2nd - Xx PARIS SG xX (30 points), 3rd - Montpellier Herault Sporting Club (30 points), 4th - Rookies F.C (29 points), 5th - FC Juventus Turin (28 points), 6th - S.O Balizy (26 points)
Only two clubs switched places in the LIGUE 1 after the seventeenth round - Montpellier Herault Sporting Club won and moved up, Rookies F.C drew and dropped down.
Rookies F.C vs. Olympique de Phnom Penh
S.O Balizy vs. FC Juventus Turin
Netherlands Eredivisie
Top teams: 1st - SSSE (39 points), 2nd - REAL ROTTERDAM (39 points), 3rd - FC Golda Boys (30 points)
No changes in the Eredivisie after the seventeenth round.
Norway Tippeligaen
Top teams: 1st - Mighty Bears F.C. (43 points), 2nd - derby county fc (35 points), 3rd - Torden (29 points), 4th - Bella FC (29 points), 5th - Godset (29 points)
Several changes in the Tippeligaen after the seventeenth round - Torden won and moved from fifth to third, Bella FC moved from sixth to fourth, Godset dropped from third to fifth, and Super Leeds went from fourth to sixth.
Torden vs. Super Leeds
Sunday at 20:00 GMT
Argentina Primera division
Top teams: 1st - Boca Juniors (44 points), 2nd - Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (39 points), 3rd - Motive Club (38 points), 4th - De contrataque (34 points), 5th - VALIANT SOUL (F.C.) (34 points)
No changes at the top of the Primera division after the seventeenth round.
Boca Juniors vs. Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata
Chile Campeonato Chileno
Top teams: 1st - Deportivo Chiloe (43 points), 2nd - Lexeros Futbol Club (38 points), 3rd - CSD Colo Colo (37 points), 4th - Weißer Löwe Morder Club (35 points)
No changes in the Campeonato Chileno after the seventeenth round.
Colombia Copa Mustang
Top teams: 1st - Manizales Town (42 points), 2nd - Faceta F.C. (38 points), 3rd - La Banda Verde (32 points)
A couple of changes in the mid-table of Copa Mustang after the seventeenth round.
Faceta F.C. vs. Manizales Town
Peru Descentralizado Peruano
Top teams: 1st - Sangre Celeste C.F. (43 points), 2nd - FS2001 (40 points), 3rd - M. City (39 points), 4th - UC Real Lima (34 points)
A couple of changes in the Descentralizado Peruano after the seventeenth round - FS2001 dropped down and M. City moved up, the other is Inferno United moving to fifth and Real Betis Balopie going down to sixth.
M. City vs. Sangre Celeste C.F.
Uruguay Campeonato Uruguayo Garra Charrúa
Top teams: 1st - El Tiki Tiki de Pando (51 points), 2nd - Gunners Team 1886 (42 points), 3rd - Semen Bremen (40 points), 4th - Carbonero Club II (38 points)
No changes in the Campeonato Uruguayo Garra Charrúa after the seventeenth round.
Venezuela 1era Division
Top teams: 1st - crakers (41 points), 2nd - SSC Bestville (39 points), 3rd - Pepeventus F.C (38 points), 4th - Real K'tupis FC (34 points), 5th - Vuelos de Fenix F.C (33 points), 6th - A.C. MAKANAKI (32 points)
The top three teams in the 1era Division changed places - SSC Bestville defeated Pepeventus F.C and moved up to second. Pepeventus F.C dropped from first to third. Crackers (previously second) moved to the top.
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