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6th League round
This weekend we have the sixth round of the 39th Dugout-Online season.
Saturday at 08:00 GMT
Australia A-League
Top teams: 1st - FC SPIDERS Sydney (13 points), 2nd - Redlands UTD (12 points), 3rd - Croweater FC (12 points), 4th - Bacon Boys FC (11 points), 5th - FC Anderson Park North Sydney (10 points), 6th - CIKAR (9 points), 7th - Scorton Rovers (6 points)

Promoted this season: Procrastinators FC, FC Roseville, Hillside Harriers

We saw an excellent match in the fifth round between Bacon Boys FC and FC SPIDERS Sydney. The match ended with 3:3. The two rivals met 48 times in the league thus far, 10 of which were draws (though none as high as this last one). Overall, FC SPIDERS Sydney are the more successful team, winning 23 matches. Though, in the last couple of seasons, their matches are far more competitive, and Bacon Boys FC got their fair amount of wins.

Scorton Rovers vs. Redlands UTD
Croweater FC vs. Bacon Boys FC
Japan J-League
Top teams: 1st - FC Kawasaki Tokyo (13 points), 2nd - Albirex Niigata (11 points), 3rd - Aira FC (11 points), 4th - Matsumoto Yamaga FC (11 points), 5th - URAWA (10 points), 6th - 丸男 (7 points), 7th - Kawazaki Greenz (7 points), 8th - Tokyo FC (6 points), 9th - 札幌アザラシ (6 points)

Promoted this season: 札幌アザラシ, fc tokyo, Kojiro Hyuga Team

Albirex Niigata vs. FC Kawasaki Tokyo
Tokyo FC vs. Aira FC
URAWA vs. 丸男
New Zealand Premiership
Top teams: 1st - Waitakere United (13 points), 2nd - Just Vale II (13 points), 3rd - Waterside Karori AFC (12 points), 4th - Blue Pixies (12 points), 5th - Wellington Phoenix (12 points)

Promoted this season: Just Vale FC, FC White Dog, All Blacks

Waterside Karori AFC vs. Wellington Phoenix
South Korea K-League
Top teams: 1st - fc olleh (15 points), 2nd - YooSin 태권도 (13 points), 3rd - SMDM (12 points), 4th - Bucheon FC 1995 (11 points), 5th - Andong Mackerels (10 points), 6th - Yeongjongdo Island (9 points)

Promoted this season: Soulstar FC, Korea Green Wings, Football club. Krugis

The top half of the league play against the bottom half - we expect the top teams will all have three more points next round.

Saturday at 10:00 GMT
Bangladesh Bangladesh Premier League
Top teams: 1st - Rajshahi (15 points), 2nd - Boŋp̒ąṛā (15 points), 3rd - FF Academy (13 points), 4th - Beanibazar SC (12 points), 5th - Gladachix city (9 points), 6th - Dhaka Abahani Limited (7 points), 7th - Ruáingga FC (7 points)

Ruáingga FC vs. Rajshahi
FF Academy vs. Gladachix city
China Premier Division
Top teams: 1st - baobeiqiqi (13 points), 2nd - Sydney Warriors (11 points), 3rd - Yanbian FC (11 points), 4th - Tongzhou Lions (10 points), 5th - lanxingxing (10 points), 6th - xiaotian-inter (9 points)

Promoted this season: AC Mlian(楚剑), NJ-INTER, ARSENAL BEIJING FC

Sydney Warriors vs. baobeiqiqi
India Super League
Top teams: 1st - Minerva Punjab (15 points), 2nd - Chennai City (13 points), 3rd - Aurangabad F.C. (12 points), 4th - Churchill Brothers (10 points), 5th - FC Pune City (8 points), 6th - Rangdajied UFC (6 points), 7th - Bengaluru (6 points)

Minerva Punjab vs. Bengaluru
Churchill Brothers vs. Aurangabad F.C.
Thailand T1
Top teams: 1st - Atilico de nezzuri (15 points), 2nd - Pie-O-Mikel (12 points), 3rd - Donmuang United (11 points), 4th - Guru United (8 points), 5th - Deportivo Dekara (8 points), 6th - Area6ten9okini. (7 points), 7th - Uttaradit Blades (7 points), 8th - Thai Fighter (6 points), 9th - Tak Tigers (6 points)

Promoted this season: Chogun Club, Riverpool SC, Tak Tigers

Guru United vs. Pie-O-Mikel
Donmuang United vs. Deportivo Dekara
Tak Tigers vs. Thai Fighter
Saturday at 12:00 GMT
Israel Ligat HaAl
Top teams: 1st - FCNetanya (13 points), 2nd - ® Legionnaires © (13 points), 3rd - Umm al-Fahm FC (12 points), 4th - Maccabi Haifa Football Club (9 points), 5th - The Gold Boys (9 points), 6th - Hutnik (8 points), 7th - Haifa United (7 points)

Promoted this season: Hapoel Pardes Hanna, The Gold Boys, Ultra Violent

The Gold Boys vs. Umm al-Fahm FC
Malta 1st Division
Top teams: 1st - Birkirkara F.C. (15 points), 2nd - Cittá Beland (15 points), 3rd - Magento CF (15 points), 4th - Panathinaikos Valletta (12 points), 5th - Floriana Football Club (12 points), 6th - adolfia (9 points)

Cittá Beland vs. Magento CF
Panathinaikos Valletta vs. Floriana Football Club
Moldova Divizia Nationala
Top teams: 1st - Dacians White Wolves (13 points), 2nd - Arsenal Brăila (13 points), 3rd - FC Zimbru Chisinau (13 points), 4th - Moldavian Stars (13 points), 5th - EMCRISS RISTILIA (12 points), 6th - Keine Name (7 points)

Promoted this season: FC Paduricea, Barcelona09, Keine Name (previously; Kühne und Nagel)

Arsenal Brăila vs. Moldavian Stars
Romania Divizia A
Top teams: 1st - FC Rapid Bucuresti (13 points), 2nd - Donaukinder (11 points), 3rd - F.C. Dinamo Bucureşti (10 points), 4th - F.C. Arges 1953 Pitesti (9 points), 5th - Navigator (8 points), 6th - FC RECOLTA BLAJANI (5 points), 7th - Podgoria Murfatlar (5 points), 8th - East Strike (5 points), 9th - Clubul Sportiv al Armatei (5 points)

Promoted this season: FC Rapid Bucuresti, Clubul Sportiv al Armatei, Podgoria Murfatlar

Donaukinder vs. FC Rapid Bucuresti
East Strike vs. F.C. Dinamo Bucureşti
FC RECOLTA BLAJANI vs. F.C. Arges 1953 Pitesti
Clubul Sportiv al Armatei vs. Podgoria Murfatlar
Russia Premier League
Top teams: 1st - Torpedo Vladimir (13 points), 2nd - FC Rotor Volgograd (12 points), 3rd - Hellas not Greece (11 points), 4th - Spartak Moscova (10 points), 5th - Green Red Kazan (9 points), 6th - saint petersbourg (9 points), 7th - Warriors Bow FC (6 points), 8th - Novorossiysk (6 points)

Promoted this season: Warriors Bom FC, Moscow Eagles, Plan 9 Iz Kosmosa

Torpedo Vladimir vs. FC Rotor Volgograd
Green Red Kazan vs. Hellas not Greece
Spartak Moscova vs. saint petersbourg
Saturday at 14:00 GMT
England English Premiership
Top teams: 1st - Gravediggers (13 points), 2nd - Direwolves (10 points), 3rd - Beeches United (9 points), 4th - Albion Allstars (8 points), 5th - Bristol Fury (8 points), 6th - The Red Devils Stars (8 points), 7th - crystal palace f.c (7 points), 8th - Stonybridge United (6 points), 9th - BlueCoffeeUnited (4 points), 10th - Aston Villa F.C. (4 points), 11th - Dreadnought (4 points)

Promoted this season: BlueCoffeeUnited, The Red Devils Stars, carter city

We had an exciting fifth round in the English premiership. We saw only one draw (Albion Allstars, and Stonybridge United), the rest won/lost by one goal.

Gravediggers vs. The Red Devils Stars
BlueCoffeeUnited vs. Direwolves
Beeches United vs. Stonybridge United
Dreadnought vs. Albion Allstars
Bristol Fury vs. crystal palace f.c
Iceland Úrvalsdeild
Top teams: 1st - Oldboys United (15 points), 2nd - Winter is Coming (15 points), 3rd - Junkers United (11 points), 4th - Vikingur (10 points), 5th - Stjarnan (10 points), 6th - Football club Valur (8 points)

Promoted this season: Kangaroo Island, FC Reijkjavik, EDM Lovers

Football club Valur vs. Oldboys United
Ireland Premier Division
Top teams: 1st - Irish Villa Mob (11 points), 2nd - Red Army (10 points), 3rd - Knockea United (9 points), 4th - dubs4sam (9 points), 5th - rubber ducks (8 points), 6th - Leinster Lions (8 points), 7th - fast n fit (7 points), 8th - Hibernia (6 points), 9th - Bridge United (6 points), 10th - Balbriggan United FC (6 points)

Promoted this season: Balbriggan United FC, Cork City FC, Hibernia

The Irish Premier Division is surprisingly competitive this season. With only five rounds played this season, even the last two clubs (Blacklion Rovers, and Cork City) already have a win.

Knockea United vs. Irish Villa Mob
fast n fit vs. Red Army
rubber ducks vs. dubs4sam
Bridge United vs. Hibernia
Scotland Premier League
Top teams: 1st - Macduff Lions (15 points), 2nd - Bingolspor FC (15 points), 3rd - Kirn FC (11 points), 4th - Huntly FC (9 points), 5th - FC Drobeta (9 points), 6th - Fife Funk FC (7 points), 7th - Celtic (7 points), 8th - Dundonald Bluebell (7 points), 9th - Hibernian F.C. (7 points)

Promoted this season: Stirling Bridge, Sportin Club Celtic, Red Star Aberdeen

Hibernian F.C. vs. Macduff Lions
Kirn FC vs. Bingolspor FC
Huntly FC vs. Celtic
FC Drobeta vs. Dundonald Bluebell
Serbia Superliga
Top teams: 1st - Salashi (12 points), 2nd - Mocni Veprovi (10 points), 3rd - FK Lokomotiva United (10 points), 4th - Orthodox brothers (10 points), 5th - FK JTB United (9 points), 6th - FC Carpath Chiefs (9 points), 7th - FK Hajduk Sydney 06' (7 points), 8th - FC Spartak (6 points), 9th - Lišane Tinjske (5 points)

Promoted this season: F.K. PIVA SELJANI, Lišane Tinjske, F.C. Mali Supermeni

FK Hajduk Sydney 06' vs. Salashi
Mocni Veprovi vs. FC Spartak
FK Lokomotiva United vs. FK JTB United
FC Carpath Chiefs vs. Orthodox brothers
Saturday at 16:00 GMT
Austria ÖF-Bundesliga
Top teams: 1st - Kapfenberg SV (13 points), 2nd - NO MA´AM (12 points), 3rd - Olimpija FC (12 points), 4th - Gletscher (10 points), 5th - BLλCK MESA (9 points), 6th - FC Klagenfurt (7 points), 7th - TRABZONSP0R (6 points), 8th - Wolfsberger (6 points), 9th - SV Austria 1933 (6 points)

Promoted this season: Wolfsberger, FC Alt Erlaa, SV Austria 1933

SV Austria 1933 vs. NO MA´AM
Olimpija FC vs. Gletscher
BLλCK MESA vs. Wolfsberger
BiH Premier Liga BiH
Top teams: 1st - FK Sarajevo 1946 (12 points), 2nd - Zvijezda Gradacac (11 points), 3rd - BH Dragons (9 points), 4th - F.C. Imperial (8 points), 5th - Horde zla United (7 points), 6th - Downtown Crew (6 points), 7th - FK Ljiljan (5 points), 8th - Carolina RailHawks FC (5 points), 9th - F.K. Koševsko Brdo (5 points), 10th - Borac 1926 (4 points), 11th - Peacocks all mighty (4 points), 11th - PARTIZAN FK (4 points)

Promoted this season: Zvijezda Gradacac, Carolina RailHawks FC, Peacocks all mighty

FK Sarajevo 1946 vs. Carolina RailHawks FC
Zvijezda Gradacac vs. BH Dragons
Downtown Crew vs. F.C. Imperial
PARTIZAN FK vs. Horde zla United
FK Ljiljan vs. Borac 1926
F.K. Koševsko Brdo vs. Peacocks all mighty
Bulgaria A Grupa
Top teams: 1st - Val United (15 points), 2nd - Vereya F.C. (15 points), 3rd - Lazio_1900 (12 points), 4th - Kazanlŭk Thracians FC (12 points), 5th - CSKA Sofia (9 points), 6th - FC Ruse (9 points)

Newly promoted: Neftochimik Burgas, FC Ruse, AFC PAMELA'S LIONS

Teams from the top half of the table play against the bottom half, and we expect the top half will have three more points after this round.

Hungary Nemzeti Bajnokság
Top teams: 1st - Football club Pécs (15 points), 2nd - Gulya FC (12 points), 3rd - Paksi Sportegyesület (12 points), 4th - FTC Isti (12 points), 5th - Hunyadi János (12 points), 6th - Szeged (9 points), 7th - FK Terra Siculorum (7 points)

Promoted this season: FC Schmitz Cargobull, AoA Football Club, BTFC

Football club Pécs vs. Szeged
Gulya FC vs. Hunyadi János
Paksi Sportegyesület vs. FK Terra Siculorum
Montenegro Prva liga
Top teams: 1st - Paladin FC (15 points), 2nd - Grobari Berane (12 points), 3rd - S.V. Werder Bremen (9 points), 4th - AC Neophyte (9 points), 5th - Nottingham Forest FC (8 points), 6th - Returnees (6 points), 7th - Olympique Lyonnaiis (6 points), 8th - Club Atlético de Madrid S.A.D. (6 points), 9th - San Stefano FC (6 points)

Promoted this season: OFK Titograd Podgorica, Nottingham Forest FC, Olympique Lyonnaiis

S.V. Werder Bremen vs. Paladin FC
Olympique Lyonnaiis vs. AC Neophyte
Club Atlético de Madrid S.A.D. vs. Returnees
Slovenia Prva SNL
Top teams: 1st - FC Grosuplje Dreamteam (12 points), 2nd - FC Apache (10 points), 3rd - Neverwalkalone (9 points), 4th - NK Velikani (8 points), 5th - Il Biscione Football Club 2014 (8 points), 6th - fc BaRcELOnA (7 points), 7th - Slovenska Bistrica (7 points), 8th - Borussia Dortmund (6 points), 9th - FC KAMNITA TRBOVLJE (4 points), 10th - F.C. Citta di Palermo (4 points), 11th - Alkosi i drogeraši (4 points)

Promoted this season: FC Apache, Slovenska Bistrica, F.C.Barcelona.

Not much changed in the Prva SNL after the fifth round - only the teams between third and seventh moved.

FC KAMNITA TRBOVLJE vs. FC Grosuplje Dreamteam
Neverwalkalone vs. NK Velikani
Il Biscione Football Club 2014 vs. fc BaRcELOnA
Slovenska Bistrica vs. Borussia Dortmund
F.C. Citta di Palermo vs. Alkosi i drogeraši
Saturday at 18:00 GMT
Belgium Eerste Klasse
Top teams: 1st - Merchtem2016 (13 points), 2nd - FC Goldstar (12 points), 3rd - hammertime (9 points), 4th - SC Betekom (9 points), 5th - kfc de preistampers (7 points), 6th - Trudo Gold KV (7 points), 7th - A.C. Milan (7 points), 8th - Fc Bijou (7 points), 9th - Club Internationale (6 points)

Promoted this season: GoZiWeAs, Fc Bijou, Club Internationale

SC Betekom vs. FC Goldstar
Fc Bijou vs. kfc de preistampers
Trudo Gold KV vs. Club Internationale
Portugal Superliga
Top teams: 1st - Sport Machados da Surriba (15 points), 2nd - Tiky Wiky (10 points), 3rd - S. C. Pena d´Alva (10 points), 4th - Castendo Futebol Clube (9 points), 5th - C. Alentejano D. Vimieirense (9 points), 6th - Galacticos C.P. (7 points), 7th - Vale Pisão (5 points), 8th - Desidrogenase Alcoólica (5 points), 9th - G. D. C. de Fernão Ferro (5 points), 10th - imbativeis (5 points)

Promoted this season: Sport Lisboa e Benfica, G. D. C. de Fernão Ferro, Castendo Futebol Clube

Sport Machados da Surriba have a great start to this season. In the fifth round they played away against and won. This round they have a much easier opponent (at least in theory), and we expect them to win.

Sport Machados da Surriba vs. imbativeis
Galacticos C.P. vs. Castendo Futebol Clube
Vale Pisão vs. G. D. C. de Fernão Ferro
Sweden Allsvenskan
Top teams: 1st - Norrlandsfotboll FC (15 points), 2nd - SuperIbra (11 points), 3rd - Rutger Boll Klubb (9 points), 4th - Bosna Hercegovina Sport Klubb (8 points), 5th - Bałtyk Gdynia (8 points), 6th - Gnuville BK (8 points), 7th - BK National (7 points), 8th - IFK Hägersten (7 points), 9th - Slovenia Dreamteam (5 points), 10th - FF Nation (5 points)

Promoted this season: ÖFK, FF Nation, Wardens of the North

Bosna Hercegovina Sport Klubb vs. SuperIbra
Gnuville BK vs. Rutger Boll Klubb
FF Nation vs. BK National
IFK Hägersten vs. Slovenia Dreamteam
Switzerland Super league
Top teams: 1st - Fc Black Panther (13 points), 2nd - Zürcher Lions (12 points), 3rd - FC KOFA (12 points), 4th - Traktor Au (10 points), 5th - Stadtaffe (10 points), 6th - The steelheads (9 points), 7th - fc schönspieler (6 points), 8th - HyperVibes (5 points)

Promoted this season: Fussballclub Zürich, Young Boys 98, Stadtaffe

FC KOFA vs. Fc Black Panther
Traktor Au vs. fc schönspieler
Saturday at 20:00 GMT
Algeria Premiere division
Top teams: 1st - Kahla & Hamra (12 points), 2nd - Ouchène Irougueln (10 points), 3rd - Raed Chabab Kouba (9 points), 4th - RC Kouba (8 points), 5th - ALPAVASTUNE (8 points), 6th - <إتحاد البليدة <>USMBlida> (7 points), 7th - USM Alger (7 points), 8th - Mon Origine Berbère (7 points), 9th - USM.Alger (4 points), 10th - Banu Zayan FC (4 points), 11th - Itihad.Riadi.Ouled.Nail (4 points)

Promoted this season: USM.Alger, Raed Chabab Kouba, ALPAVASTUNE

USM Alger vs. Ouchène Irougueln
Itihad.Riadi.Ouled.Nail vs. Raed Chabab Kouba
USM.Alger vs. RC Kouba
<إتحاد البليدة <>USMBlida> vs. ALPAVASTUNE
Mon Origine Berbère vs. Banu Zayan FC
Bolivia Asociacion Boliviana de Futbol
Top teams: 1st - Club Atlético Ciclón (13 points), 2nd - Blooming (13 points), 3rd - Nomads F.C. (12 points), 4th - Club Bolívar (12 points), 5th - Real Santa Cruz United (7 points), 6th - F.C. LEONES del ORIENTE (7 points)

Promoted this season: fc bolivia, F.C. LEONES SANTA CRUZ, c2h5ohhh

Nomads F.C. vs. Club Bolívar
Real Santa Cruz United vs. F.C. LEONES del ORIENTE
Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro
Top teams: 1st - Campinas Futebol Clube (13 points), 2nd - Botafogo F. R. (13 points), 3rd - Camisas Negras FC (11 points), 4th - Nivek United (8 points), 5th - Celta de Vigo (8 points), 6th - Sport Club Peladeiros (6 points), 7th - Piraloku F.C (5 points)

Promoted this season: Clube de Regatas VascoRibeiro, Campinas Futebol Clube, Cirandinha Futebol Clube

The fifth round is definitely one for the record books - all matches ended in a draw.

Campinas Futebol Clube vs. Celta de Vigo
Piraloku F.C vs. Nivek United
Canada Canadian Premier League
Top teams: 1st - Bulletproof Monks (15 points), 2nd - Toronto Bears (13 points), 3rd - N Mississauga SC (12 points), 4th - FC Montreal 2012 (9 points), 5th - Canary (9 points), 6th - Impact de taher (8 points), 7th - Quebec Football Club (7 points)

Promoted this season: F.C. Liverpool, Rampe Vallee FC, SWAT Beavers

FC Montreal 2012 vs. Bulletproof Monks
Mexico Primera División
Top teams: 1st - Panteras Negras UAM (15 points), 2nd - FC United Regensdorf (13 points), 3rd - Ánimas Trujano (13 points), 4th - Tigres Dorados (12 points), 5th - Octopus FC (12 points)

Promoted this season: Zombis de Sahuayo, Brancos FC, Monarcas Vinotintos

FC Montreal 2012 vs. Bulletproof Monks
USA Championship
Top teams: 1st - FC Seher Bosna (15 points), 2nd - TeamScout (10 points), 3rd - Sloboda Tuzla (10 points), 4th - NY Cosmos (8 points), 5th - Galaxy LA (7 points), 6th - Beyond (7 points), 7th - New Jersey Stars (7 points), 8th - Velez SC (6 points), 9th - FC Orlando Gators (5 points), 8th - mexico city (4 points)

Promoted this season: Boca Raton FC, mexico city, Beyond

FC Seher Bosna vs. Velez SC
TeamScout vs. Sloboda Tuzla
NY Cosmos vs. FC Orlando Gators
Galaxy LA vs. Beyond
Sunday at 12:00 GMT
Estonia Meistriliiga
Top teams: 1st - Football Club Tallinna Ariel (13 points), 2nd - Saaremaa JK (11 points), 3rd - Black Mount FC (10 points), 4th - FC Rhemity (10 points), 5th - FC Revolution (10 points), 6th - Rammuka Vikings (10 points), 7th - JK Fellin (9 points), 8th - JK LÕVID (6 points)

Promoted this season: Harju JalgpalliKool, FC Tallinna Wolves, Jumalad

Football Club Tallinna Ariel vs. Rammuka Vikings
FC Revolution vs. Black Mount FC
FC Rhemity vs. JK LÕVID
Finland Ykkönen
Top teams: 1st - FC Rising Force (15 points), 2nd - Nilsiän Pallo-Haukat (11 points), 3rd - Sudet (11 points), 4th - FC Kuusysi (10 points), 5th - Universe (10 points), 6th - Liverpool (7 points), 7th - Seinäjoen Jalkapallokerho (6 points), 8th - Ankh Morpork Wizzards (6 points), 9th - Suomen Tulevaisuus (5 points)

Promoted this season: Porin Riento FC, Polar Pack, Ankh Morpork Wizzards

Universe vs. Nilsiän Pallo-Haukat
Sudet vs. FC Kuusysi
Suomen Tulevaisuus vs. Liverpool
Seinäjoen Jalkapallokerho vs. Ankh Morpork Wizzards
Latvia Virslīga
Top teams: 1st - Spars (12 points), 2nd - FK Ritabulli (10 points), 3rd - A J Bramlett (9 points), 4th - FC Uno (9 points), 5th - FC Veltins (8 points), 6th - Iļģuciema Zvejnieks (8 points), 7th - FC Legendos (8 points), 8th - Skonto Football Club (7 points), 9th - FC Bandits (7 points), 10th - FK Inokentijs Mārpls (4 points)

Promoted this season: Preiļu BJSS, Skonto Football Club, FK Lekrings

Spars vs. FK Ritabulli
FC Legendos vs. A J Bramlett
Skonto Football Club vs. FC Uno
Iļģuciema Zvejnieks vs. FK Inokentijs Mārpls
Lithuania A lyga
Top teams: 1st - Alaus Megejai (13 points), 2nd - FK Žalgiris Vilnius (13 points), 3rd - Futbolo Klubas Ekranas (13 points), 4th - FK Kaunas IVT (12 points), 5th - Fb Kaunas (9 points), 6th - Agrastai (9 points), 7th - Fk Senjorai (6 points)

Promoted this season: FC Vienybe, FC Leo, St Johnstone F.C.

Fk Senjorai vs. FK Žalgiris Vilnius
FK Kaunas IVT vs. Futbolo Klubas Ekranas
Sunday at 14:00 GMT
Albania Superliga
Top teams: 1st - F.C. Illyrians (15 points), 2nd - KF VALBONA (12 points), 3rd - inter 32 (12 points), 4th - NIL F.C ● (10 points), 5th - Albanian Eagles F.C. (9 points), 6th - DREAM F.C (7 points), 7th - Venator Academy FC (6 points), 8th - F.C INTERNAZIONALE (6 points)

Promoted this season: Linguistic Team, FC Vikings, Fc Diatik

F.C. Illyrians vs. KF VALBONA
NIL F.C ● vs. Albanian Eagles F.C.
Greece Superleague
Top teams: 1st - KM Asteras F.C. (15 points), 2nd - FC Samos (12 points), 3rd - Ano Rahoula (12 points), 4th - Πρωταθλητές FC (12 points), 5th - Παλλάς Αθηνά (10 points), 6th - Thyella Patras F.C. (7 points), 7th - ACHAIKOS (6 points), 8th - Panathinaikos 1908 (6 points)

Promoted this season: Panathinaikos 1908, Astakos FC, Hraklis Kallitheas FC

Παλλάς Αθηνά vs. KM Asteras F.C.
Thyella Patras F.C. vs. Ano Rahoula
Poland Ekstraklasa
Top teams: 1st - GLKS JONKOWO (11 points), 2nd - FC Internazionale Opole (10 points), 3rd - Ares Wroclaw (9 points), 4th - Olimpia Pasłęk (9 points), 5th - KS Hetman Zamość (8 points), 6th - KS Mosquito Zabrze (7 points), 7th - WUJEK TEAM™ (7 points), 8th - Torpedo Dobieszyn (7 points), 9th - GialloRossi Brzeg (6 points), 10th - KS Glinice Radom (5 points), 11th - KS Vel Lidzbark Welski (3 points)

Promoted this season: FKS Stal Mielec, KS Vel Lidzbark Welski, Olimpia Pasłęk

Interesting results in the fifth round in Ekstraklasa. GLKS JONKOWO, and the bottom two clubs (KS Vel Lidzbark Welski and FKS Stal Mielec) are the only ones that stayed where they were - all the others moved up or down. Interestingly, GLKS JONKOWO played against KS Glinice Radom, and the two drew. The draw meant the others had the opportunity to catch them - though the difference is now only a point, those that could catch GLKS JONKOWO, lost or drew in the fifth round.

GLKS JONKOWO vs. FC Internazionale Opole
Torpedo Dobieszyn vs. Ares Wroclaw
WUJEK TEAM™ vs. Olimpia Pasłęk
KS Hetman Zamość vs. GialloRossi Brzeg
KS Glinice Radom vs. KS Vel Lidzbark Welski
South Africa Premier Division
Top teams: 1st - X.Z.Team (15 points), 2nd - Blackburn Rovers FC (13 points), 3rd - Blue Bulls (12 points), 4th - Polokwane Carpenters (9 points), 5th - Maritzburg United F.C. (7 points), 6th - Weezystar FC (7 points), 7th - Dala Waterfalls (6 points)

horn fc vs. Blackburn Rovers FC
Blue Bulls vs. Weezystar FC
Turkey TFF Süper Lig
Top teams: 1st - Prophecy Of The North (11 points), 2nd - aşağıakın (11 points), 3rd - Efsane.1925 (11 points), 4th - Idmangucu (9 points), 5th - Trabzonspor (6 points), 6th - Genç Football Club (6 points), 7th - Mahtandoz FK (6 points), 8th - Fenerbahçe SK. (6 points), 9th - Göztepe (5 points), 10th - Göztepe (3 points), 11th - Göztepe (3 points)

Promoted this season: Balkesspor, Göztepe, Prophecy Of The North

One team kept its position - Idmangucu. All the others moved.

Efsane.1925 vs. aşağıakın
Genç Football Club vs. Idmangucu
Balkesspor vs. Trabzonspor
Mahtandoz FK vs. Göztepe
Sarıgöl Gençlerbirliği vs. Fenerbahçe SK.
Sunday at 16:00 GMT
Croatia Prva HNL
Top teams: 1st - Bellevue C.F. (10 points), 2nd - 9 depresivaca (10 points), 3rd - Galija Trešnjevka (8 points), 4th - Fight United Elite (8 points), 5th - Jefferson Starship (7 points), 6th - Panthera Leo (7 points), 7th - FC Gorri Ussi Winnetou (6 points), 8th - West Herzegowina UTD FC (6 points), 9th - Croatia United (5 points), 10th - SOD4 (5 points), 11th - TNT United (5 points), 12th - Hedgehogs (3 points)

Promoted this season: Croatia United, Hedgehogs, 9 depresivaca (previously; animatori)

A lot of close results in the fifth round in the Prva HNL. We saw one draw, and five wins/losses by one goal. Among those that lost were the current leaders, Bellevue C.F.. Their lead is now zilch - the match between the first two is definitely one to watch.

Bellevue C.F. vs. 9 depresivaca
Jefferson Starship vs. Galija Trešnjevka
TNT United vs. Fight United Elite
SOD4 vs. Panthera Leo
Croatia United vs. FC Gorri Ussi Winnetou
Hedgehogs vs. West Herzegowina UTD FC
Czech Republic 1. liga
Top teams: 1st - RC Victoria Moravia (15 points), 2nd - FC Romulus (13 points), 3rd - F.C. Viktoria Plzen (12 points), 4th - FK Chrudim (12 points), 5th - GoAhead Budweiss (12 points), 6th - FK Panthers ZLÍN (9 points), 7th - Football Magicians (7 points)

Promoted this season: Hejno tučnáků, FC Nekopnem si Liberec, FK Baník Metálka

FC Romulus vs. GoAhead Budweiss
Football Magicians vs. FK Chrudim
Germany Bundesliga
Top teams: 1st - SpVgg Großgossheim (12 points), 2nd - Omega FC (11 points), 3rd - Hangaround Allstars (10 points), 4th - Crvena Zvezda FK (10 points), 5th - Roma Köln (9 points), 6th - Kicker der Kokosnuss (8 points), 7th - Berlin Hertha FC (7 points), 8th - The A team (7 points), 9th - Partizan Beog (6 points)

Promoted this season: FC Steaua Bukarest, Partizan Beog, Berlin Hertha FC

SpVgg Großgossheim vs. Crvena Zvezda FK
Hangaround Allstars vs. Berlin Hertha FC
Partizan Beog vs. Roma Köln
Italy Serie A
Top teams: 1st - Realjoggi (15 points), 2nd - Il Circolino (13 points), 3rd - Enoshima FC (12 points), 4th - AC NADOR (9 points), 5th - EAST SIDE SALERNO (7 points), 6th - apollo70 (6 points), 7th - Linceo (6 points)

Promoted this season: EAST SIDE SALERNO, Fancazzisti Football Club, apollo70

Realjoggi vs. Il Circolino
apollo70 vs. AC NADOR
Slovakia Super Liga
Top teams: 1st - SC Bianconeri (15 points), 2nd - MB footbal club (13 points), 3rd - FC Sered (12 points), 4th - FC Soldiers (12 points), 5th - Spartak Trnava FC (12 points), 6th - FC Jezury Sered (9 points), 7th - FC Restig Penguins (7 points)

Promoted this season: SK Hutnik Sered, Biohazard Senica, FC Trnava Sharks

FC Soldiers vs. SC Bianconeri
Spartak Trnava FC vs. MB footbal club
FC Jezury Sered vs. FC Restig Penguins
Spain Primera Division
Top teams: 1st - Portela (15 points), 2nd - Espongis (13 points), 3rd - Celtic de Mostoles FC (12 points), 4th - KaKaTuaS (11 points), 5th - CF Mieres Del Camín (10 points), 6th - Athletic Bilbao (9 points), 7th - Marbella Linces (7 points)

Promoted this season: GALIZA CALIDADE 2.0, Ath.Bilbao, Los Ziocannitos

KaKaTuaS vs. Espongis
CF Mieres Del Camín vs. Marbella Linces
Sunday at 18:00 GMT
Denmark Superligaen
Top teams: 1st - Skjetten Tigres (13 points), 2nd - Sørby IF (12 points), 3rd - Boldklubben Herning Fremad (12 points), 4th - Stella Rossa® (9 points), 5th - Lambavík Bóltfelag (7 points), 6th - Insomniac Football Club (7 points), 7th - Glory Man United (6 points), 8th - Der Rauberz FC (6 points), 9th - Carnap Kickers (5 points)

Promoted this season: Carnap Kickers, Wunderfull Copenhagen, Glory Man United

Skjetten Tigres vs. Sørby IF
Boldklubben Herning Fremad vs. Insomniac Football Club
Stella Rossa® vs. Der Reuberz FC
France LIGUE 1
Top teams: 1st - Tnaz Team ® (11 points), 2nd - FC Juventus Turin (10 points), 3rd - Montpellier Herault Sporting Club (8 points), 4th - US Warlaing (8 points), 5th - Rookies F.C (8 points), 6th - Clermont foot (7 points), 7th - Xx PARIS SG xX (6 points), 8th - S.O Balizy (6 points), 9th - Olympique de Saubusse (4 points), 10th - JFK Lusignacum (4 points), 11th - Rouretan Clan (3 points)

Promoted this season: JFK Lusignacum, Tnaz Team ®, US Warlaing

Tnaz Team ® vs. S.O Balizy
Rookies F.C vs. FC Juventus Turin
Xx PARIS SG xX vs. Montpellier Herault Sporting Club
US Warlaing vs. Clermont foot
Olympique de Saubusse vs. Rouretan Clan
Netherlands Eredivisie
Top teams: 1st - REAL ROTTERDAM (12 points), 2nd - SSSE (11 points), 3rd - Abel United (10 points), 4th - FC Golda Boys (8 points), 5th - SVM (7 points), 6th - CASHMONEY. AFC (7 points), 7th - DeDonnys (7 points), 8th - PEC Zwolle (6 points), 9th - Dunder Mifflin Infinity (5 points), 10th - Dutch Lions (4 points), 11th - AZ ALKMAAR FC (4 points)

Promoted this season: JF.Millaran, Dutch Lions, Abel United

SSSE vs. Abel United
Dutch Lions vs. FC Golda Boys
PEC Zwolle vs. Dunder Mifflin Infinity
Norway Tippeligaen
Top teams: 1st - Torden (13 points), 2nd - Mighty Bears F.C. (13 points), 3rd - Super Leeds (13 points), 4th - Godset (11 points), 5th - Vandalen FC (7 points), 6th - Lyn (7 points), 7th - Bella FC (6 points), 8th - Kazor Villains (6 points)

Promoted this season: Englane, Vandalen FC, vimses fc

Mighty Bears F.C. vs. Torden
Godset vs. Lyn
Vandalen FC vs. Kazor Villains
Sunday at 20:00 GMT
Argentina Primera division
Top teams: 1st - Boca Juniors (15 points), 2nd - Motive Club (15 points), 3rd - VALIANT SOUL (F.C.) (12 points), 4th - Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (12 points), 5th - De contrataque (10 points), 6th - racing club (10 points)

Promoted this season: Los Tilos, Racing Club F.C., RIVER PLATE

Motive Club vs. Boca Juniors
Chile Campeonato Chileno
Top teams: 1st - O'Higgins FC (13 points), 2nd - Athletic Valhalla (12 points), 3rd - CSD Colo Colo (11 points), 4th - Lexeros Futbol Club (11 points), 5th - Deportivo Chiloe (8 points), 6th - Alboadictos (7 points), 7th - C.S.D. U de Chile (6 points), 8th - Weißer Löwe Morder Club (6 points)

Promoted this season: Pilmahue Villarrica, Madrid, Club de Deportes Concepción

Lexeros Futbol Club vs. Athletic Valhalla
Weißer Löwe Morder Club vs. Deportivo Chiloe
Colombia Copa Mustang
Top teams: 1st - La Banda Verde (15 points), 2nd - crespo f.c (12 points), 3rd - Hunting Ghosts (12 points), 4th - Faceta F.C. (12 points), 5th - Atlético Nacional S. A. (10 points), 6th - Manizales Town (9 points), 7th - Mallama Jaguares (6 points), 8th - Arhuacos Sporting Club (6 points)

Promoted this season: Scarlatas Sporting Club, Atletico Bucaramanga, Mallama Jaguares

Arhuacos Sporting Club vs. La Banda Verde
crespo f.c vs. Hunting Ghosts
Manizales Town vs. Mallama Jaguares
Peru Descentralizado Peruano
Top teams: 1st - M. City (15 points), 2nd - UC Real Lima (13 points), 3rd - FS2001 (12 points), 4th - Inferno United (12 points), 5th - goleadores (10 points), 6th - Deportivo Municipal (8 points), 7th - FC BOTY (6 points), 8th - Serimfa (6 points)

Promoted this season: Universitario de Deportes, luis2546823, ERECTROSHOCK F.C.

M. City vs. goleadores
FS2001 vs. Serimfa
Inferno United vs. FC BOTY
Uruguay Campeonato Uruguayo Garra Charrúa
Top teams: 1st - Semen Bremen (15 points), 2nd - Carbonero Club II (15 points), 3rd - Gunners Team 1886 (13 points), 4th - El Tiki Tiki de Pando (12 points), 5th - C.A. Torque (12 points), 6th - Schnabel von Rom (9 points)

Promoted this season: Pucaru Stade Gaulois, Deportivo el Tacua, Palo Alto FC

Semen Bremen vs. Carbonero Club II
Venezuela 1era Division
Top teams: 1st - Pepeventus F.C (15 points), 2nd - Real K'tupis FC (12 points), 3rd - A.C. MAKANAKI (10 points), 4th - Vuelos de Fenix F.C (9 points), 5th - Luxus FC (9 points), 6th - Union Atletico Falcón (9 points), 7th - SSC Bestville (8 points), 8th - crackers (8 points)

Promoted this season: Atlético Venezuela, Deportivo Anaile F.C., Fudvol Kluv Xportyng Real

Real K'tupis FC vs. Union Atletico Falcón
A.C. MAKANAKI vs. crakers
SSC Bestville vs. Vuelos de Fenix F.C
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