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Youth International Cup
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Youth International Cup
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Youth International Cup
Today at 18:00 we have the final round of the Youth International Cup.

Lindworms are the Nationaler Jugendpokal (German Youth Cup) Champions. They won the Nationaler Jugendpokal five times (third time in a row now). Lindworms started their YIC journey in the first, preliminary round. There they defeated the Greek youth Champions, KM Asteras F.C with 1-0. In the second round they faced the Turkish youth Champion, kasırga. They defeated them in regular time (also) with 1-0. In the third round they faced the Italian youth Champions, Classica Lanusei. That game also ended in regular time, but there were quite a few more goals to see (3-2). In the fourth round they played against the Colombian youth Champions, La Banda Verde. On the surface the game was easy for Lindworms, but upon closer consideration they were pretty lucky to win with such a large margin (3-0). In the fifth (semifinal) round their opponents were the Serbian youth Champions AC SHooTY. That match was a lot tougher. The two were tied 2-2 in regular time, but in extra time Lindworms managed to get ahead and win.
JFK Lusignacum are the Coupe Gambardella (French Youth Cup) Champions. They won the Coupe Gambardella two times now, first time was several seasons back. Like Lindworms, JFK Lusignacum also started YIC in the Preliminary round. Their first match was against the Icelandic youth Champions, Winter is Coming. That match was surprisingly easy for them, and they won 5-0. In the second round their opponents were the Thai youth Champions, Deportivo Dekara. They won 2-0. Their third round match was another story though. They faced off against STORMWIND, the Republic of Montenegro youth Champions. Regular time ended with a 2-2 draw, and they went into extra-time. Halfway through extra-time JFK Lusignacum scored their third goal, and the game ended 3-2. In round four, they traveled to Netherlands. Their opponents were Fc Fartree, the Dutch youth Champions. That game ended in regular time (1-0). In the semifinal they faced-off against Sarajevo, the Bosnia and Herzegovina youth Champions. JFK Lusignacum had a good game, though the score was only 1-0.

Germany Lindworms vs. JFK Lusignacum France

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