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21st League Round
This weekend we have the twenty-first league round of the 34th Dugout-Online season. You can check our selection of the most interesting matches (the relegation zone teams included) this round, below.

Saturday at 08:00 GMT:
In Australia there are only two teams still fighting for the Champions title - FC Anderson Park North Sydney (first, 52 points), and FC SPIDERS Sydney (second, 49 points). Both have easy matches this round. The relegation zone teams have been decided for a while now - Arsenal Syd (tenth, 9 points), Zeus FC (eleventh, 7 points), and SW Sydney (last, 1 point).

First Division
Tokyo FC are the Japanese Champions. Rangerx will take the second, Challenge Cup position. At the bottom, Kashima Antlers (twelfth, 0 points), and FC One Piece (eleventh, 6 points) are already out. Mathematically Saeki Jaguars AC (tenth, 12 points) still have a chance to catch FC Kawasaki Tokyo (ninth, 18 points).

First Division
Just Vale FC are the new New Zealand Champions. But there is still a fight for the second position - Wellington Phoenix (second, 51 points), Blue Pixies (third, 49 points), and Waterside Karori AFC (fourth, 46 points) can all still take that. North Wellington Blues (twelfth, 3 points), and All Blacks (eleventh, 8 points) are both too far behind and will be relegated. Gladstone Golds (tenth, 15 points) still have a chance to catch Liverpool Football Club (ninth, 19 points).
New Zealand Blue Pixies vs. Waitakere United

In South Korea only Andong Mackerels (second, 49 points) are the only ones that can still challenge YooSin 태권도 (first, 51 points). At the bottom all is decided - Yeongjongdo Island (tenth, 12 points), Soulstar FC (eleventh, 3 points), and RedStar FC (twelfth, 3 points).

Saturday at 10:00 GMT:
1st Division
In Bangladesh we have three teams that are fighting for the top - FF Academy (first, 55 points), Chæmp̒ (second, 55 points), and Rajshahi (third, 53 points). Bangladesh has only one league level, so no one will drop out.
Bangladesh Dhaka Abahani Limited vs. Rajshahi

Premier Division
In China we have three teams that are fighting for the first place - xiaotian-inter (first, 55 points), lanxingxing (second, 54 points), and baobeiqiqi (third, 52 points).

1st Division
In India, there are four teams that have a chance at the first place - Aurangabad F.C. (first, 54 points), Minerva Punjab (second, 52 points), Chennai City (third, 52 points), and Rangdajied UFC (fourth, 48 points). Since India only has one league level, no teams will be relegated.
India Minerva Punjab vs. Joburg Vikings
India Chennai City vs. Rangdajied UFC

1st Division
The Thai league is roughly divided into two groups (with the exception of Pie-O-Mikel (seventh, 33 points) who can't go up or down anymore). The top six are all still fighting for the first place - Donmuang United (first, 47 points), Deportivo Dekara (second, 46 points), Thai Fighter (third, 45 points), Atilico de nezzuri (fourth, 44 points), Area6ten9okini. (fifth, 43 points), and Guru United (sixth, 43 points). At the bottom of the table, the last two are already out - BES TS FC (last, 0 points), and Bangkok United (eleventh, 6 points). Bkk Red Devils (tenth, 12 points) can catch up to Nongneng (ninth, 16 points).
Thailand Thai Fighter vs. Deportivo Dekara
Thailand Guru United vs. Atilico de nezzuri

Saturday at 12:00 GMT:
1st Division
In Israel we have two teams that are going side-by-side from the start - ® Legionnaires © (first, 57 points), and FCNetanya (second, 57 points). At the bottom FC Ukulele (eleventh, 8 points), and The Bears (twelfth, 6 points) will get relegated. The Gold Boys (tenth, 17 points) still have a chance of getting out.

1st Division
The Maltese league is almost decided. Cittá Beland lead with 60 points. They won everything thus far this season, so it's highly unlikely they will lose both of teir matches now. Birkirkara F.C. are second with 54 points. They have 1 5 point lead in front of نادي كرة القدم القرمزي. Again, even though Birkirkara have only a 5 point lead, it is highly unlikely they will lose two matches right at the end. Since Malta has only one division, no teams will be relegated.

Prima divizie
There are four teams in Moldova that are still vying for the first position - Moldavian Stars (first, 50 points), Die Sonne und der Mond (second, 49 points), FC Bayern München 2010 (third, 46 points), and FC Petrolul Ploiesti (fourth, 44 points). There are four teams at the bottom that are fighting for the ninth, safe, place C.S. Pisculesti (ninth, 12 points), Fotbal Club Costuleni (tenth, 12 points), RealMadrid C.F. (eleventh, 6 points), Kühne und Nagel (twelfth, 6 points).
Moldova Moldavian Stars vs. Atletico Brăila

Divizia A
In Romania we have four teams at the top who are fighting for the first place, and the fifth can still challenge the second placed team - VITEZISTII4S™ (first, 40 points), East Strike (second, 38 points), F.C. Dinamo Bucureşti (third, 35 points), Clubul Sportiv al Armatei (fourth, 34 points), and Navigator (fifth, 33 points). At the bottom C.S. Universitatea Craiova (last, 15 points) are already out. GLORIA (eleventh, 17 points) are on the edge. They need to win today and FC Univ. Craiova (ninth, 23 points) need to lose. Like GLORIA, Avrig United need a win, though technically, if FC Univ. Craiova lost they could still have a chance.
Romania VITEZISTII4S™ vs. Navigator
Romania FC Univ. Craiova vs. East Strike
Romania Clubul Sportiv al Armatei vs. F.C. Dinamo Bucureşti
Romania Avrig United vs. GLORIA

1st Division
In Russia we have two teams fighting for the first place - Spartak Moscova (first, 57 points), and MODELS AND LOVERS (second, 51 points). For MODELS AND LOVERS it's do or die today. SotchiX StarZ (third, 46 points), and Atleticos RFC (fourth, 46 points) could possibly challenge for the second position. FC ZOG (eleventh, 6 points), and Perm Lightning (last, 0 points) will drop down. Moscow Eagles (tenth, 10 points) can technically still catch Barchalona CFC (ninth, 16 points).
Russia Spartak Moscova vs. MODELS AND LOVERS

Saturday at 14:00 GMT:
English Premiership
Three teams are vying for the throne in England - GRUMPY MULE (first, 42 points), Bristol Fury (second, 39 points), and Dreadnought (third, 36 points). Stonybridge United (fourth, 34 points) technically still have a chance of catching Bristol Fury and the Challenge Cup position. Things are the bottom are clear. None of the red zone teams (4ever Tha Siiickest Kidz (17), FC Oblwood (16), and Beringen United Mightyred (13)) can catch-up to Carshalton Beeches Utd (ninth, 24 points).
England Stonybridge United vs. Bristol Fury

1st Division
Oldboys United (first, 57 points), and Winter is Coming (second. 55 points) have a cushy lead in front of the others. In the relegation zone, only Newton Heath (tenth, 9 points) can move out (though only technically). Skytturnar (eleventh, 7 points), and ÍBK Keflavík (twelfth, 7 points) are too far behind.
Iceland Junkers United vs. Winter is Coming
Iceland Vikingur vs. Oldboys United

1st Division
The Irish league is quite interesting, at least at the top. The relegation zone teams (Balbriggan United FC, Irish Eyes, and Killarney Ravens FC) have no chance of moving out. At the top though, the first four are within 3 points of each-other, with the fifth team 4 points behind the leaders - Red Army (first, 43 points), rubber ducks (second, 42 points), Bridge United (third, 41 points), Leinster Lions (fourth, 40 points), and Irish Villa Mob (fifth, 39 points).
Ireland Leinster Lions vs. Bridge United
Ireland Irish Villa Mob vs. fast n fit

Premier League
In Scotland only Bingolspor FC (second, 54 points) can still challenge Dundonald Bluebell (first, 58 points). Macduff Lions (third, 49 points) still have a chance of catching Bingolspor FC, but not Dundonald Bluebell. In the red zone we have only one team that is already out - Fife United (last, 3 points). Mansewood Thitle FC (eleventh, 10 points), Livingston F.C (tenth, 11 points), and Sportin Club Celtic (ninth, 12 points) are all fighting for that ninth place.
Scotland Macduff Lions vs. Dundonald Bluebell

FK Čvorkova Bara (first, 41 points), and Orthodox brothers (second, 37 points) fight to be the Champions of Serbia. FK JTB United (third, 32 points), and Belgrade City (fourth, 32 points) can still challenge Orthodox brothers for the second place. At the bottom of the league we have two teams that will be relegated - FC Carpath Chiefs (eleventh, 12 points), and Мариборска (last, 11 points). Ф.К. Анђелија (tenth, 23 points) on the other hand can make it up to the middle of the league if they manage to win their last matches.
Serbia Orthodox brothers vs. Ф.К. Анђелија
Serbia FC Carpath Chiefs vs. FK JTB United
Serbia FK Šandor vs. Belgrade City

Saturday at 16:00 GMT:
We have two teams a point apart at the top of Austria's top league. Kapfenberg SV are first with 55 points. And NO MA´AM are second with 54 points. The three teams that will be relegated from ÖF-Bundesliga have already been decided a while ago - 308 Negra Arroyo Lane (tenth, 10 points), FC rs Linz (eleventh, 7 points), and FC Algerien (last, 0 points).
Austria NO MA´AM vs. Gletscher
Austria Kapfenberg SV vs. FC Vienna 1894

Premier Liga BiH
This is The most competitive league in DO at the moment. Technically, any of the top six (BH Dragons (36), Downtown Crew (35), Blaugrana F.C (34), Fk.Ilirikum (34), Horde zla United (32), and PARTIZAN FK (32)) can still reach the first place. At the bottom, two out of the three red zone teams are out - FK Tuzla United (eleventh, 13 points), and FK Donja Mahala (last, 10 points). The interesting part is the tenth team - FK Sarajevo 1946 have 26 points, 2 less than FK Sloboda Tuzla, F.K. Koševsko Brdo, and FK Ljiljan.
BiH FK Tuzla United vs. FK Sloboda Tuzla
BiH FK Ljiljan vs. F.K. Koševsko Brdo
BiH Horde zla United vs. FK Donja Mahala
BiH Blaugrana F.C vs. Downtown Crew
BiH PARTIZAN FK vs. Fk.Ilirikum
BiH FK Sarajevo 1946 vs. BH Dragon

A Grupa
Only CSKA Sofia (52 points) can threaten Val United (57 points) for the first place. The teams in the red zone are already out - The Hydrophobic Crucifiers (tenth, 11 points), AFC Olympic Brussen (eleventh, 10 points), and StormLegends (last, 0 points).

First Division
Gulya FC are the Hungarian Champions. Hunyadi János are second with 49 points. Technically, Great Budapest can catch up to Hunyadi János. Though, considering their match today, it's highly unlikely. British Ravens are the only ones that will be relegated for sure. AlphaSquad (tenth, 10 points), and Pannonia Football Academy (eleventh. 10 points) still have a chance of catching Videoton (ninth, 15 points).
Hungary Great Budapest vs. Gulya FC

Prva liga
In Republic of Montenegro Returnees (first, 42 points), and S.V Werder Bremen (second, 41 points) switched places in the previous round. Their match today could be the deciding one. San Stefano FC (third, 35 points) are the only ones that can (technically) catch up to S.V Werder Bremen. In the red zone, two out of three teams are already out - FC HUNTERS (last, 14 points), and Club Atlético de Madrid S.A.D. (eleventh, 14 points). AC Neophyte are the only ones that can move out of the relegation zone. Morgan Budva FK (ninth, 23 points), Olympique Lyonnaiis (eighth, 25 points), and FCF Chelsea (eighth, 25 points) could all be in danger.
Montenegro S.V Werder Bremen vs. Returnees
Montenegro AC Neophyte vs. San Stefano FC
Montenegro FCF Chelsea vs. Mogren Budva FK

Prva SNL
In Slovenia we still have three teams vying for the lead - Caliginous Beleaguerers (first, 41 points), Borussia Dortmund (second, 38 points), and FC Loče Soccer Academy (third, 35 points). FC Grosuplje Dreamteam (fourth, 33 points), and Neverwalkalone (fifth, 33 points) can both challenge for the second place. At the bottom of the league only FC Barcaaaaa (last, 9 points) are already out. FC Koper (eleventh, 20 points), and Titovo Velenje (tenth, 22 points) can both move out of the relegation zone. The two teams seriously endangered to drop down are Il Biscione Football Club 2014 (ninth, 23 points), and Barcelona (eighth, 24 points).
Slovenia Caliginous Beleaguerers vs. FC Koper
Slovenia FC Grosuplje Dreamteam vs. Borussia Dortmund
Slovenia FC Loče Soccer Academy vs. NK Velikani
Slovenia Neverwalkalone vs. Titovo Velenje
Slovenia Barcelona vs. FC Poochies

Saturday at 18:00 GMT:
Eerste Klasse
FC Goldstart are firmly entrenched in the first place - though technically, hammertime can still catch them. The bottom of the league is much more interesting. Only one team is clearly out (SC Betekom, 4 points), but all the teams between the seventh and the eleventh place could go either way - Royal Antwerp Football Club (24 points), Club Brugge K.V. (23 points), Narakeia (23 points), RSCA Anderlecht (21 points), and De Rode Leeuwen (21 points).
Belgium FC Goldstar vs. Royal Antwerp Football Club
Belgium hammertime vs. A.C. Milan 1899
Belgium Club Brugge K.V. vs. RSCA Anderlecht
Belgium De Rode Leeuwen vs. Narakeia

Tiky Wiky are the Portuguese Champions. But the battle for the second place is alive and kicking - Galacticos C.P. (second, 36 points), S. C. Pena d´Alva (third, 34 points), Desidrogenase Alcoólica (fourth, 31 points), and Lions United F.C. (fifth, 30 points). Juventude Leonina are the only team that are obviously out of their depth in this league. They have 9 points, currently 16 to little. The rest are all close together. Tabimba (eleventh, 23 points) can still land in the middle of the league if they win both matches.
Portugal Tiky Wiky vs. Desidrogenase Alcoólica
Portugal Galacticos C.P. vs. Castendo Futebol Clube
Portugal S. C. Pena d´Alva vs. Sport Lisboa e Benfica
Portugal Cortiças vs. os herois
Portugal Atalaia vs. Tabimba

Norrlandsfotboll FC are the Swedish Champions. The battle for the second place however, is still alive - Rutger Boll Klubb (second, 46 points), Wardens of the North (third, 44 points), and SuperIbra (fourth, 43 points). The Gray Wizards FC (tenth, 7 points), Abacus (eleventh, 5 points), and ■■ Olleßo Fc ■■ (last, 1 point) are firmly entrenched in the relegation zone.
Sweden Wardens of the North vs. Norrlandsfotboll FC

Super league
In Switzerland the top teams are pretty close together - HyperVibes (first, 43 points), Zürcher Lions (second, 43 points), Stadtaffe (third, 40 points), and FC Black Panther (fourth, 39 points) can all take the first position. Terror City United (tenth, 15 points), G.Athletiksport Klub (eleventh, 13 points), and FC Deus (twelfth, 3 points) will all be relegated.
Switzerland HyperVibes vs. Zürcher Lions

Saturday 20:00 GMT:
Premiere division
In Algeria we have three teams still fighting for the title. RC Kouba lead with 42 points. The Black Pearl are 2 points behind them. And USMKouba are third, 3 points behind Black Pearl. The bottom of the table is even more interesting. All three relegation zone teams still (technically) have a chance to get out - One Piece (tenth, 21 points), Thagaste FC (eleventh, 17 points), and Ouchène Irougueln (last, 16 points). They are chasing Itihad.Riadi.Ouled.Nail (ninth, 22 points).
Algeria RC Kouba vs. ALPAVASTUNE
Algeria Kahla & Hamra vs. The Black Pearl
Algeria Ouchène Irougueln vs. Itihad.Riadi.Ouled.Nail

Asociacion Boliviana de Futbol
In Bolivia we have three teams vying for the first place - Nomads F.C. (56 points), Blooming (52 points), and Club Atlético Ciclón (50 points). F.C. LEONES SANTA CRUZ (tenth, 13 points), CB Real Potosí (10 points), and Callejas fc (last, 1 point) will be relegated.
Bolivia Club Bolívar vs. Nomads F.C.

Campeonato Brasileiro
There are five teams still fighting for the title in Brazil - Sport Club Flecha (first, 44 points), Botafogo F. R. (second, 42 points), Piraloku F.C (third, 41 points), Black Griffins FC (fourth, 39 points), Project Mayhem (fifth, 39 points). In the relegation zone only one team still has a chance - Hercules São Fernando (17 points). FC Belo Horizonte (eleventh, 9 points), and Clube de Regatas VascoRibeiro (last, 4 points) are both out.
Brazil Sport Club Flecha vs. Black Griffins FC

1st Division
Bulletproof Monks lead the Canadian 1st Division. They have 57 points, 2 more than Toronto Bears. The two are the only ones that are still fighting for the lead. Hamilton Bulldogs (last, 1 points) have no chance of moving out of the relegation zone. The other two red zone teams still do - Les glorieux (tenth, 8 points), and Dynamo de Québec (eleventh, 7 points) are chasing azeit city (ninth, 10 points).

Primera División
In Mexico we have two teams that are still fighting for the first place - Panteras Negras UAM (55 points), and Octopus (53 points). The third team, El Club Tigers (47 points) technically have a chance of catching up to Octupus FC. Fc Dragones are the only team that are already out. Lypton Village (tenth, 8 points), and Chulita FC (eleventh, 7 points) can still catch Zombis de Sahuayo (12 points).

First Division
In United States of America we have 2 teams that have quite a hefty lead in front of the others - FC Seher Bosna (first, 45 points), and New Jersey Stars (second, 41 points).
USA New Jersey Stars vs. NY Cosmos

Sunday at 12:00 GMT:
FC Rhemity (first), and Football Club Tallinna Ariel (second) again switched positions. They have been battling each-other ever since the seventh round. After twenty rounds they each have 46 points. At the bottom there is only one team that still have a chance of moving out of the red zone - Los Cules Tallinn (tenth, 21 points). FC Hyders (eleventh, 14 points), and FC Tip-Top (last, 11 points) will be relegated.

First Division
FC Rising Force (58 points) have almost secured the first position - a draw today would be enough for them. Manchester City (52 points) are the only ones that can still catch them. In turn, Liverpool (46 points) are the only ones that can threaten Manchester City. At the bottom only Porin Palloilijat (last, 1 point) are out. Ulvila (tenth, 9 points), and Tornion SporttiPojat (eleventh, 7 points) can still catch Pökäle United Ltd Corp (ninth, 10 points).
Finland Maardu Levadia vs. Manchester City

In Latvia Spars lead. They have 52 points, 6 more than FC Lasta. With Spars excellent track record, it is unlikely FC Lasta can catch them. But, the battle for the second position is much more interesting. The third, FC Alcoholic Aqua Kangaroos are only 1 point behind FC Lasta. Only one team at the bottom is already out - Crooked Vultures (last, 0 points). A J Bramlett (tenth, 19 points), and FC Legendos (eleventh, 18 points) both have a chance to catch FK Inokentijs Mārpls (ninth, 21 points).
Latvia Spars vs. FK Ritabulli
Latvia FC Lasta vs. FK Inokentijs Mārpls
Latvia A J Bramlett vs. FK Bandits
Latvia FC Uno vs. FC Legendos

A lyga
The are three teams in Lithuania that are fighting for the first place, and one more than can challenge for the second position - FC Stumbras Kaunas (first, 55 points), Alaus Megejai (second, 50 points), Agrastai (third, 49 points), and the fourth team, FK Kaunas IVT (46 points). Mažoji Čikaga (eleventh, 6 points), and Warning City (twelfth, 4 points) are too far behind, and will drop down to a lower league. FK Tornado (tenth, 14 points) still have a chance of moving out. They are 2 points behind FC Mazeikiu ROMAR, and 5 points behind Futbolo Klubas Ekranas.
Lithuania FC Stumbras Kaunas vs. Fk Senjorai
Lithuania FC Mazeikiu ROMAR vs. FK Tornado

Sunday at 14:00 GMT:
Albanian Eagles lead the table. They have 43 points (13 wins, 4 draws, and 3 losses), 2 more than F.C. Illyrians. DREAM F.C are third, 2 points behind F.C. Illyrians. F.C INTERNAZIONALE are fourth, 2 points behind DREAM F.C. D.C. INTERNAZIONALE are the last ones that (at least in theory) can catch the first team. All is decided at the bottom. Venator Academy FC (tenth, 19 points), Albanian Eagles F.C. (eleventh, 6 points), and IFC Milan (twelfth, 0 points) will leave Superliga.
Albania inter 32 vs. F.C. Illyrians

In Greece KM Asteras F.C. lead the top league. With 53 points, they are pretty safe. The only ones that can still catch them are ΠΑΟΚ F.C. (second, 48 points). Two teams can challenge ΠΑΟΚ F.C. for their position (Challenge Cup position) - Ολυμπιακός FC (third, 45 points), and PAOK Thessaloniki (fourth, 42 points). The relegation zone teams are all decided - Edessaikos (tenth, 6 points), IONIKOS (eleventh, 4 points), and PANIONIOS GS (twelfth, 1 point).
Greece KM Asteras F.C. vs. PAOK Thessaloniki
Greece Ano Rahoula vs. Ολυμπιακός FC

Poland is one of the more competitive leagues in DO. There are five teams still going strong and aiming for the title - KS Glinice Radom (first, 38 points), GialloRossi Brzeg (second, 37 points), Ares Wroclaw (third, 34 points), La Coka Nostra (fourth, 34 point), and Olimpia Pasłęk (fifth, 33 points). The bottom of the league is similarly intersting - KS Hetman Zamość (eighth, 25 points), Rapid Wrocław (ninth, 21 points), FKS Stal Mielec (tenth, 20 points), and FC Brzeg (eleventh, 18 points) can all be the ones to get relegated. Rzeznia Dolna (last, 13 points) are the only ones that are guaranteed a trip down.
Poland GialloRossi Brzeg vs. Olimpia Pasłęk

1st Division
In South Africa Polokwane Carpenters (second, 53 points) are the only ones that can challenge X.Z.Team for the lead (first, 58 points). There is only one league level in South Africa so no teams can drop out of the 1st Division.
South Africa X.Z.Team vs. إف سي الغردقة مصر

Turkcell Superligi
Top four teams in the Turkish league are all still close enough that any of them could take the lead - Malatyaspor (first, 40 points), Fildisi sahilleri (second, 39 points), Genç Football Club (third, 36 points), and Prophecy Of The North (fourth, 36 points). In the relegation zone, two teams (Galatasaray FK, and AKINCILAR-1453) are already out. Goalkeeper Academy Turkey (tenth, 20 points) are the only ones that have a chance to move out of the red - Fenerbahçe SK. are 2 points above them.
Turkey Malatyaspor vs. Gönenspor
Turkey Prophecy Of The North vs. Genç Football Club
Turkey Goalkeeper Academy Turkey vs. Galatasaray FK
Turkey Trabzonspor vs. Fenerbahçe SK.

Sunday at 16:00 GMT:
Prva HNL
Gružanin Football Club are the only ones still threatening SOD4 for the lead in Croatia. The bottom is slightly more interesting. Technically, all the red zone teams (Galija Trešnjevka, HAŠK. and svileni) still have a chance of moving out.
Croatia HAŠK vs. svileni

First Division
RC Victoria Moravia are the Champions of the Czech First Division. There is still the battle for the second place (the Challenge Cup position) - FC Romulus (47 points), F.C. Viktoria Plzen (46 points), AC Krakonosovo (44 points), and Football Magicians (41 points). FC Budvar (last, 1 point) are the only ones that have no chance of reaching the ninth position. The other two, TJ Sokol Kremyz (eleventh, 10 points) and Hejno tučnáků (tenth, 12 points) still have a chance of catching FC Zodiac (ninth, 14 points).
Czech Republic FK Panthers ZLÍN vs. Football Magicians

VfB Straubing (first, 49 points), and Kicker der Kokosnuss (second, 48 points) again switched places. With two games left, which of them will land on top? The relegation zone battle is still going strong. Munchen 1860 (tenth, 17 points) are the only ones in the red zone that can catch Partizan Beog (ninth, 17 points). FK Reinickendorf 13 (eleventh, 10 points), and FC Steaua Bukarest (twelfth, 9 points) are already out.
Germany Kicker der Kokosnuss vs. Lindworms
Germany FK Reinickendorf 13 vs. Partizan Beog

Serie A
The Italian league is almost decided. Enoshima FC lead with 43 points. They have a 5 point lead in front of zemanland. Zemanland in turn could lose their second place to Realjoggi who are 3 points behind them. At the bottom, only SuperBrixia are out. Torino Athletics (eleventh, 19 points), and EAST SIDE SALERNO (tenth, 23 points) can still move out of the relegation zone.
Italy Enoshima FC vs. Linceo
Italy zemanland vs. AC NADOR
Italy La Taranta vs. Torino Athletics

First Division
The top teams in Slovakia are all still pretty close - Spartak Trnava FC (first, 46 points), FC FOXY ADS Sered (second, 45 points), FC Jezury Sered (third, 43 points), MB football club (fourth, 40 points), and FC Soldiers (fifth, 39 points). FC Soldiers are the only ones that can reach the first position, but they could challenge for the second place. At the bottom everything is decided. FC Petržalka akadémia (tenth, 10 points), TJ MALÁ HRADNÁ (eleventh, 6 points), and FC Novozámockí Slovanya (last, 0 points) will all be relegated.
Slovakia MB footbal club vs. Demotivators Bratislava

Primera Division
In Spain we have five teams fighting for the first position - Espongis (first, 46 points), Brian Boitano's (second, 46 points), KaKaTuaS (third, 42 points), Portela (fourth, 41 points), and Celtic de Mostoles FC (fifth, 40 points). The bottom two teams (Athletic Bilbao, and Valencia CF) are too far behind to get out of the relegation zone. But Ath.Bilbao (tenth, 17 points) can catch Marbella Linces (ninth, 19 points).
Spain Ath.Bilbao vs. KaKaTuaS
Spain Marbella Linces vs. Córdoba CF

Sunday at 18:00 GMT:
Borsholm-Skibstrup IF are the Superligaen Champions. Insomniac Football Club (40 points) are firmly entrenched in the second position. Though technically, Lambavík Bóltfelag (third, 34 points), Carnap Kickers (fourth, 34 points), and Stella Rossa® (fifth, 34 points) can all still catch them, it's just highly unlikely. Alliance Club Horsens (last, 4 points) are the only ones that have been totally outmatched this season. Thisted Elite (tenth, 18 points), and Der Reuberz FC (eleventh, 16 points) both still have a chance to catch Wunderfull Copenhagen (ninth, 19 points).

The top four teams in France are all close enough that any of them could take the first place - Olympique de Phnom Penh (first, 41 points), FC Juventus Turin (second, 39 points), Xx PARIS SG xX (third, 38 points), and Paris Saint-Germain (fourth, 36 points. At the bottom, only Knockando (tenth, 18 points) still have a chance of moving out of the red zone (by overtaking Rookies F.C). Mouans-Chester 2006 (eleventh, 15 points), and C-FRENCH 87 are already out.
France Knockando vs. Rookies F.C

Netherlands Eredivisie is quite an interesting league, especially at the bottom. At the top, the first two teams outdistanced themselves sufficiently from the rest, so that battle is only between them. SSSE lead with 43 points, and FC Golda Boys are second with 42 points. But in the bottom part of the league things are much closer - YUNUSLAR FC (last, 18 points), Ceasar Empire (eleventh, 19 points), AFC Slayer Amsterdam (tenth, 19 points), PSV (ninth, 22 points), and Kuzzie Football Academy 1982 (eighth, 22 points) can all still be relegated. Technically, DeDonnys (sixth, 25 points), and Marum (seventh, 25 points) could also be in danger.
Netherlands Marum vs. DeDonnys
Netherlands PSV vs. Kuzzie Football Academy 1982

At the top of the Norwegian league we have three teams still fighting for the first position - Super Leeds (first, 42 points), Mighty Bears F.C. (second, 39 points), and Droneklubben (third, 39 points). At the bottom only vimses fc are already out. FC Shibal (eleventh, 20 points), and Kazor Villains (tenth, 21 points) can both move out of the red zone.
Norway Vandalen FC vs. FC Shibal

Sunday at 20:00 GMT:
Primera division
There are three teams fighting for the top in Argentina - VALIANT SOUL (F.C.) (first, 59 points), Motive Club (second, 46 points), and De contrataque (44 points). At the bottom, only Los Tilos can escape the red zone. They have 19 points, 1 less than racing club (ninth). Racing Club de Avellaneda (eleventh, 9 points), and RIVER PLATE (last, 0 points) are both out.
Argentina Motive Club vs. De contrataque

Campeonato Chileno
In Chile we have two teams fighting for the top spot - Deportivo Chiloe (first, 53 points), and Lexeros Futbol Club (second, 50 points). C.S LICEO DE HOMBRES DE ANTOFAGASTA (tenth, 9 points), Baquedano Social (eleventh, 6 points), and Olimpico FC (last, 3 points) will be relegated.
Chile Deportivo Chiloe vs. Athletic Valhalla
Chile Lexeros Futbol Club vs. Weißer Löwe Morder Club

Copa Mustang
The to two teams in Colombia have a nice, big, lead in front of the others. But between them there are only 2 points - Manizales Town lead (55 points), and Faceta F.C. are second (53 points). Atlético Nacional S. A. (eleventh, 6 points), and Sideral Football Club (twelfth, 0 points) have no chance of moving out of the red zone. Atletico Junior (tenth, 12 points) still have a chance to catch Arhuacos Sporting Club (ninth, 16 points).
Colombia Arhuacos Sporting Club vs. Atletico Junior

Descentralizado Peruano
Sangre Celeste C.F. (first, 54 points), and M.City (second, 52 points) have a nice lead in front of the others. At the bottom we have two teams that are already out - Serimfa S.C. (last, 0 points), and Borussia Dormunt (eleventh, 3 points). Recuperacion (tenth, 12 points) can still overtake Deportivo Municipal (ninth, 13 points).

Campeonato Uruguayo Garra Charrúa
In Uruguay we have three teams fighting for the position of the Champion - Carbonero Club II (first, 55 points), El Tiki Tiki de Pando (second, 51 points), and Semen Bremen (third, 51 points). All is clear in the relegation zone - Las Pelotas del Gordo (tenth, 9 points), los 11 (8 points), and Manya F.C (last, 1 point).

1era Division
Three teams are still fighting for the first place in Venezuela - Pepeventus F.C (first, 47 points), SSC Bestville (second, 44 points), and Real K'tupis FC (third, 43 points). The teams that will be relegated are already decided - Deportivo Anaile F.C. (tenth, 7 points), Union Atletico Falcón (eleventh, 6 points), and NazgulFC (last, 1 point).
Venezuela A.C. MAKANAKI vs. Real K'tupis FC
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