FAQ - Tactics

Frequently Asked Questions - Tactics

Q: Does weather affect the players on the pitch?

A: Yes. When it's raining or snowing the ball is harder to control and the chance of injury is higher.

Q: How can I see the other teams tactics?

A: When you click the "Live text" option you can see the game as it is unfolding (or unfolded if you are browsing through old games). In the top of the live-text you have the home and away team tactics plus the first eleven. The tactics picture doesn't show you the exact position for the players. It does however show their relative positions, meaning, GK, SW, FBL, DC, FBR, WBL, WBR, DMC, ML, MC, MR, AML, AMC, AMR, SC, LW, FC and RW.

Q: What happens if a player gets injured during the game? Is he substituted automatically?

A: Yes, the AI will do that automatically - unless you don't have any substitutions left, in which case you couldn't do anything either.