Coaches and Physios in Dugout-Online

After you take over at your club, you will probably want to employ a couple of coaches in order to train your players(thus enabling them to improve their skills), and a physio or two in order to keep your players fit and healthy(and to cure those injuries that are bound to happen during the season).

Like players, coaches and physios have various skills too so let's go take a look at what's important to know when you are trying to hire a coach or a physio. All skills are in range of 1-50.


GK Coaching

This will tell you how good the coach is in training the goalkeepers.

DF Coaching

DF stands for defence here so it tells you how good the coach is in training the defensive players. This includes the Central Defenders (DC), Sweepers (SW), Full Backs(FB) and Wing Backs (WB).

MF Coaching

As with DF, MF stands for midfield here. It is the measurement of how well the coach can train midfield players. This includes the Central Midfielders (MC), Left/Right Midfielders (ML/MR), Attacking Midfielders (AML/AMC/AMR) and Defensive Midfielders (DMC).

FW Coaching

Tells you how good the coach is in training forward players. This includes strikers (SC), Center Forwards (FC) and attacking wingers (LW/RW).


This skill tells you how good the coach is able to prepare the players to follow your tactical ideas. By having a high value in this department, your players training under this coach will have a chance to progress in positioning, creativity and communication slightly faster than usual.


If your coach is good in Motivational skills, your players will suffer less negative effects on morale when they need to work harder on training for longer periods of time, and they will sometimes rise the morale back a bit if they train on a lighter training intensity.


By having coach that is good in Physical skill, your players will be developing speed and strength a bit faster if you set the training regime appropriately.


This skill tells you how good the coach is in training the youth players. The higher the skill, the faster your youth players will progress.



This will tell you the general knowledge of the physio in question. The higher his knowledge, the better (and faster) he is capable to treat injured players.


Some physios have "special" traits. Some of them are either able to introduce new warming-up techniques (and as a result, the chance of players getting injured during the match is slightly reduced) and some of them know the special recovery techniques that will enable the players to recover their fitness after the match a bit faster.